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Golfbuzz.net is a website that gathers good golf information from around the globe for an intended audience of golf lovers.  There is a wealth of golf information out there that has either been blogged or vlogged (video blog)  by an avid golfer.

There are videos on youtube, vimeo, brightcove and other 3rd party suppliers,  some good,  some bad. We review information and based on quality of  production or writing we will include in our site. We filter the information so that you don’t have to.  Most of the information is based on ‘the buzz’ – what is new and exciting  but if there is information that is good but not necessarily new and is worth keeping will include it, such as a review of Wilson 8802 putter made 30 years. They say if you keep wearing something it will come back in fashion.

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Golfbuzz.net is now 6 years old and is the brain child of Russell Hammond, a 1.8 handicapper golf fanatic with a great future behind him 🙂  About 6 and bit years ago Russell was watching the British Open on TV and watched Sergio Garcia putting on the 16th green. Garcia had been struggling for a while with his putting and he was beginning to putt better with his new blade. Russell wondered what putter he was using. Where do you find this sort of information and how can you find out about the technology was the question he asked himself and hence Golfbuzz.net was born. He also thought about related information and what is the best way to use this equipment.  By the way, Sergio has had a few putters since then but in November 2011 it was :

Winner @ European Tour: Andalucia Masters
Driver: TaylorMade R11 (9 degree; Aldila RIP shaft)
Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 3-wood (15 degree; Aldila RIP shaft) and 5-wood (19 degree; Aldila RIP shaft)
Irons (3-PW): TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB 2011
Wedges: TaylorMade TP xFT ZTP (50 and 58 degree)
Putter: TaylorMade Maranello 8-01 Ghost
Ball: TaylorMade Penta TP
Footwear: Adidas Tour360 ATV
Glove: TaylorMade R11
Well done Sergio – Two tournaments in a row in his native Spain, back from a slump of form.

Something to ponder?

Do you know what club bounce is? Club bounce is the shape or the bounce of club’s leading edge to the start  of the bottom of the club and is predominately related to wedges.  Bounce can be 1 – 10 or even even 15 degrees. The most is about 6-8 degrees. What is it used for? Well if you play a golf course that is on the soft side more often than not, ie rains alot the ground is wet you need a wedge with high bounce so  the club does not stick into the ground and vice versa.

What bounce is your sand wedge? Do you know?

Have you been sculling your pitch shots for years because you have the wrong club for the course? Maybe you have just been blaming yourself or maybe you have the right club but the wrong technique. We will endeavour to find or produce the right information  for you to improve your game. Here is a start http://www.golfbuzz.net/golf-training/

Russell is an accredited Level 1 PGA (AUS) golf coach.
If you want to know more of your favourite players  www.golfbuzz.net/whats-in-the-winners-bags/
In time we plan to review every club in the pro’s bag and related product information.
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