4DX Ironwood

Nickent spent over one year to develop the next generation of state-of-the-art hybrids. Three different multi-material combinations were tried to find the best possible performance. In the end, Nickent developed the first hybrid to utilize a patented brazing technology that fuses a titanium crown with a steel body; all while making the crown the thinnest it has ever been on a golf club head. 


• From the deeper face to the increased COR , every design change was made to make the 4DX the best hybrids on the market in terms of distance, playability, feel, trajectory and forgiveness. These are the ultimate hybrids!

• Replacing the steel crown with titanium saved approximately 50% of the weight in the crown. The .4mm crown is also half as thick as on the 3DX DC hybrids, so when you combine both attributes, the new crown configuration weighs almost 4 times less than the crown of the 3DX DC hybrids.

• The face height of the 4DX is 2mm taller than the 3DX models, giving the 4DX less spin and a more penetrating ball flight. This design change creates a perfect trajectory that fights the wind and lands softly from long distances, while catering to every swing speed.

• XW Inserts, which have become the driving technology behind nearly every Nickent product in the 2007 line, are made of Tungsten Polymer to reduce vibration and to be used for swing weight adjustment. It's like having moveable weights without the hassle and without relying on bulky screws that add a harsh feel at impact.

The 4DX IW is an iron replacement club that has 10 different lofts, one club every 1.5 degrees from 14° to 29°. This hybrid system allows the golfer to attain the optimum distance control and trajectory. With this new system, there will be no distance gaps in your bag and no confusion on what club your hybrid actually replaces.  To help the consumer better understand which club to purchase, Nickent says that picking between the 4DX IW and 4DX UT is as simple as asking yourself what club you would choose to hit from 175 yards. If the answer is an iron, you most likely will enjoy the more compact head of the 4DX IW. If the answer is a fairway wood, you most likely will enjoy the higher ball flight of the 4DX UT.