Arc Blade Irons by Nickent



ARC Blade by Nickent

Targeted for mid to better players, these dynamically cast steel clubs feature advanced peripheral weighting for restricted twist and added stability, replacing much of the inner steel core with a lighter, rubberized elastomer that absorbs and rebounds energy. The effect is a club that maintains the enhanced feel of a traditional blade, yet plays far easier.

Genex Arc Technology

The Nickent ARC Blades, ARC Titanium irons and ARC Wedges share the revolutionary ARC technology. ARC, or Accelerated Rebound Core®, technology consists of an internal core of compressed high-rebound elastomer positioned inside the clubhead directly behind the strike zone. At impact, the compressed elastomer produces a dampening effect, eliminating vibration and delivering a lively, solid feel. The ARC elastomer weighs 7 times less than the steel around it, creating an internal cavity. The internal cavity is engineered to act like a hidden cavity back, significantly expanding the sweet spot to help off-center shots hold their line.

ARC technology works like a corked bat. There is a chamber designed inside the iron for the elastomer to sit in. The elastomer in the ARC irons and wedges is directly behind the strike zone. As the force of impact triggers the face, resultant energy is absorbed by the high-rebound ARC elastomer and efficiently transferred back to the clubface, making ARC technology – “Perfectly Legal. Positively Unfair.”™