Nickent launches two more drivers


Nickent 3DX Tour

Nickent Golf's new drivers are making serious waves in the golf industry. The 4DX and 3DX Square drivers were launched in April and have already set new company records for number of drivers in play on the professional tours and number of drivers sold at retail. Plus, Nickent claimed their first ever driver victory on the PGA Tours. Nickent is launching two limited edition versions of these popular models in order to expand the tremendous success of the original designs.


3DX Tour Square Driver – Straighter is Now a Direction for Low Handicap Players


With the new 3DX Tour Square, better players can reap the benefits of Nickent's proven Total Accuracy Control technology. The 3DX Tour Square is a neutral setup square design that features a black ion plated PVD finish. The Tour Square has a more penetrating ball flight than the other square drivers on the market and golfers testing it are claiming that it is the longest distance square driver. No matter who you are, the 3DX Tour Square can help you gain distance and hit the ball straight off the tee.

To ensure the best ball flight possible, the 3DX Tour Square driver has increased bulge and roll compared to the other square designs. The 3DX Tour Square is more appealing to the player's eye because it has slightly more face progression than traditional drivers. The face angle of the Tour Square design is square, which, combined with the bulge and roll, produces a lower more penetrating ball flight that is still straight and workable at the same time. One of the main reasons Nickent has been successful with the square design is because they were able to make the ball go straight while not sacrificing distance. The 3DX Tour Square is going further because the ball does not balloon.

The 3DX Tour Square clubhead is forged Titanium, giving it a hotter more solid feel at impact. The 3DX Tour Square also features a proprietary internal structure that produces a better more solid sound than most 460 cc square drivers. The driver will be introduced to tour players late in the 2007 season.

The 3DX Tour Square is available in 9 ° , 10.5 ° , and 12 ° with a UST V2 shaft at a retail price of $249. It is available for immediate order.

4DX Driver – Now Available in Gorgeous Special Edition PVD Black

Nickent 4 DX

Nickent 4 DX Tour

Want to get the hot new club that everyone is talking about? The perfect driver is here. The fastest growing driver on the Nationwide Tour is now available in a special edition black finish that makes this driver the "Golf Bling of the Year", according to some of the top players on the Nationwide Tour. All of the great attributes of the 4DX Driver are built into this exclusive club, including significantly longer distance and a tighter dispersion. The 4DX Special Edition driver features a gorgeous black PVD finish . PVD is an ion plating process used in high technology applications where improved product quality and increased corrosion resistance are important

Just like the 4DX Driver that is taking over the Nationwide Tour, the 4DX SE has a .4 mm laser welded thin titanium crown that is the secret to its success. The thinnest crown available in any driver makes the raw weight of this 460 CC driver is180 grams, one of the lightest of any raw 460 CC driver heads on the market. Two XW weight cartridges add sixteen grams of weight and help to deliver a powerful punch for maximum distance. The XW weight technology also helps to raise the MOI significantly and make it one of the straightest drivers on the market.

Patented A-frame face designed to produce high COR/CT higher in the face than in conventional drivers This is another reason so many golfers are seeing so much distance gain from the 4DX.

The 4DX SE Driver is available in 9 ° , 10.5 ° , and 12 ° with a UST SR3 shaft, available in R-Lite, Regular and Stiff flexes. It will retail for $299 and is available for immediate order.