YES! Putters adds Valerie!

YES Putters adds Valerie to their list of putters.


Meet Mr. Harold Swash. A long time devotee of the science and art of putting. Indeed, in Europe Harold is affectionately called the “Putting Doctor” and has been the coach to the majority of Europe's Ryder team.He’s also a self described “sawdust engineer” who has spent nearly as many hours hunched over his workbench by night as he has hunched over a putter by day. So, in a way, it came as no surprise when he developed the most significant advance in putter technology in 1995.

Knowing that every putter face made forces a ball to skip, skid and spin in its critical first few inches of travel, he also knew if he could design a club that avoided this, he’d have a winner. The result, of course, is his patented C-Groove technology that allows balls to achieve forward roll almost immediately, so they have a better line and are less likely to be deflected en route to the cup.

The Valerie is designed for those people that enjoy the mallet style putter with C-groove technology.

The C-Groove Valerie model is a mallet-style putter made of 304 stainless steel. It features a cavity-back compact head design that is Face-Balanced with a unique double bend shaft and single sight line for easier alignment.


Valerie putter from YES!
  • 355 gram head weight
  • Compact “Tour Preferred” head design with single sight line for accurate line up
  • Unique double bend steel shaft allowing player to see more of the club face.
  • Loft: 2.5 degrees; Lie: 72 degrees std. (2 degrees flat or 2 degrees upright also available)
  • Titanium carbon finish
  • Available in RH models only, shaft lengths 32" to 37"
  • Custom fitted head cover