MacGregor Responds with DCT

Putt Like The Pro's, Even With Off-Center Hits, With The Macgregor Face-Off Putter Line 


DCT Response with Face Off Technology

Press Relase: MacGregor Golf, creator of the industry leading Cup Face 360A golf club technology, has launched MacGregor's highly anticipated new Distance Corrective Technology (DCT) in their all new Face-Off putter line by Bobby Grace. MacGregor Golf's Distance Corrective Technology uses patented inserts to provide consistent distance control even on the most common mis-hits by a combination of the materials and weighting in the clubhead.

Designed by legendary putter designer Bobby Grace, the new Face-Off putters combine cutting edge technology with top of the line materials in order to help golfers reduce their putts per greens and, ultimately, lower their scores. For years, manufacturers have been trying to increase the size of the "sweet spot" for drivers and irons with outstanding results.

However, similar advancements in putter technology have been non-existent even though off-center contact is one of the most common causes for three-putting. Thankfully, MacGregor's new Face-Off putter line alleviates that problem by introducing a dual insert system containing Distance Corrective Technology (DCT). The polymer insert, designed for faster greens, makes every impact feel dead-center and, with 3 degrees of loft, performs best with this material. The milled metal insert, designed for slow greens, provides golfers with more feedback.

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