New Driving Rules

New rules come into effect from January 2008 regarding the conformity of drivers.

In simple terms – the COR maximum is dropping from 0.86 to 0.83. If you have been under the USGA rules you should banished your driver to the garage a couple of years ago, the R and A rules will come into effect from January 1 2008.

Rule: "Driving Clubs: The driver the player carries must have a clubhead, identified by model and loft, that is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by R&A Rules Limited. Note: Any individual driver on the List, if tested on pendulum apparatus approved by R&A Rules Limited, must not have a characteristic time greater than 257 microseconds. Penalty for Breach of Condition: Disqualification"

 "Appendix II, 5a of the Rules of Golf states that, "The material and construction of, or any treatment to, the face or the clubhead shall not have the effect at impact of a spring (test on file), or impart significantly more spin to the ball than a standard steel face, or have any other effect which would unduly influence the movement of the ball".

From 1 January 2008, a Rule of Golf will be introduced limiting the 'spring-like' effect of driving clubs for all golfers of all ability. The introduction of this Rule was announced in August 2002 and it has been applied at the elite level, via a Condition of Competition, since 1 January 2003.

This 'new' Rule will affect the conformance status of some drivers currently in the marketplace and in players' bags. Golfers are, therefore, encouraged to check their own driver, and any driver they may buy in the future, in preparation for 2008.


To help provide correct information on driver head conformance, two Lists have been compiled and published:

To view or search the List of Conforming Driver Heads, please click on the link below. All of the clubs on this List have been ruled to conform to the Rules of Golf and they will continue to conform after 1 January 2008. "

Source R&A

Check to see if your driver is on the list of conforming driver –