Tiger Woods puts New Nike ONE Ball in play

Tiger Woods puts New Nike ONE Ball with Power Transfer Technology in Play at Target World Challenge

Nike Golf's Power Transfer Technology Improves Distance in Metal Woods, Long Irons and Off-Center Hits Image

BEAVERTON, Ore. (December 13, 2007) – Nike Golf is introducing new innovative technology called the Power Transfer Layer Technology to its successful ONE Ball series. Nike's Power Transfer Layer Technology promotes increased distance in metal woods, long irons and off-center hits.

Tiger Woods, the number one player in the world, will put the new Nike Golf technology to test this week at the Target World Challenge by playing with the Nike ONE Platinum ball.

"With the new power transfer layer, you do hit the ball a little further. It compresses better," said Tiger Woods. "The thing that I like about it is that you do hit the ball further but you don't give up the workability of the golf ball. You can still curve it. You can still change trajectories just as easy as before. The only difference is that now you're hitting it further, which is the beauty of it. You can still have the control you had before but with more distance."

The new Nike Power Transfer Layer technology, with its thick advanced polymer located inside the mantle layer, increases ball speed and generates power and energy to ensure enhanced distance for a wider range of clubs in the bag. Both the Nike ONE Platinum and Nike ONE Black feature the Power Transfer Technology.

"We set out to create a golf ball that benefits the golfer at their fullest potential. In other words, a golf ball that promotes distance with more clubs in the bag – not just the driver," said Rock Ishii, Nike Golf's Product Development Director for Balls. "The Power Transfer Layer allows the natural power of a golfer's swing to directly transfer at the moment of impact, improving ball speed and increasing distance. The better the transfer, the more power is generated."

The Nike ONE Platinum has been reengineered for longer distance, enhanced control and workability. Its progressive density core provides a superior feel and longer distance. An optimized inner cover enhances mid-iron control and workability. The Nike ONE Platinum has a newly designed 378 dimple pattern with redesigned aerodynamics for added carry and longer distance. Combined with the new Power Transfer Technology and the multi-component construction and softened urethane cover, Nike ONE Platinum redefines total performance.

The Nike ONE Black has been reengineered to maximize distance, improve accuracy and greenside response. Its progressive density core offers enhanced feel and reduced spin for longer, more accurate distance off the tee. For exceptional flight consistency and responsiveness with all clubs, the Nike ONE Black has a seamless urethane cover. The Nike ONE Black has a high coverage of 336 dimple pattern that optimizes aerodynamics and reduces drag for a more penetrating flight.

Emblematic of the Power Transfer Layer Technology that is red inside the mantle layer, is the red ring that Nike Golf Athletes will be wearing on the side of their hats.

The Nike ONE Platinum and Nike ONE Black will be available in stores on February 1, 2008(RRP US$56.00)