Cross Handed Putting – Winner – 4 out of top 10 finishers in the 2008 Mercedes Champs!

Is this a better way to putt?

Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player are both on record saying if they had to start playing the game today, they would putt with the left hand below the right – cross handed. Well I think that is pretty good recommendation for a style of play. Don’t you?

This week at the Mercedes Championship – the winner – Daniel Chopra – second place Steve Sricker – and two players tied on 5th place – Nick Watney and Jim Furyk all putted cross handed (left below right).

Other notable users are Padraig Harrington and Thomas Bjorn (I am in the process of adding to my mental list!)

Someone said to me the other that using any other method other than the conventional way is an admittance that you cannot putt. Well is it? If you aren't doing well with the conventional method and continue to fail? Also, If the dynamics of such as system are better for you then is it not just better a way of doing something? It is the same as riding a horse was the best way of getting somewhere until they invented the engine and added a few more horse power.


Cross handed putting is intended to help you take the right hand out of the stroke – ie reduces the tendency to flick the club at the ball with the right hand. This also reduces dominance of the right hand in the stroke – especially the short ones under pressure resulting in jabbed putts known as the “twitches”. This unfortunate occurence (and many times too often!) is caused by adrenaline, released into the bloodstream in tense situations, making the small muscles in the hands to become overactive and twitchy and the left hand is less likely to be effected as it is pulling and not pushing the blade.


Cross Handed Putting

For the wrist to break down in this position, the contact between these fingers and the left wrist area would have to be broken and this should be harder to do. Should be mmmmmm…

Naturally a new grip will take some getting used to and as a user I found it hard to get the length of long putts, but if you stick to it for a reasonable period of time you will see an improvement, particularly when the heat is on.

Tradionalists may think that they are hurting the game by using this method but then they should not have switched to a metal drivers either. There are ideas that if your left arm or shoulder are lower than the right side or the right arm is shorter than the left one is perhaps a good reason to switch over – purely a physical condition.

The bottom line is if you feel compfortable with something then that is half the battle – the other half is getting the little white ball into a hole that seems to small for it!


DivixGolf has introduced a product for players that actually use this putting style….mmmmm may have to get one of these..


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