Wilson Staff Tx4 Ball

The Wilson Staff Tx4 golf ball is tailored to the low handicap golfer. It features 4 technologies – Nano Tech Core for soft feel and velocity, HPF Layer for high velocity off the tee and higher iron spin, Urethan Elastomer cover for shot making creativity and PhD Aerodynamics for stable, high trajectory flight. Spin tailored with progressive layering to provide lower spin off the tee, higher spinning iron shots and green side creativity.

The Tx4 Pro is a multi-layer sphere of energy that provides excellent distance, checks on demand, and matches shot-for-shot, other competing urethane balls that lead the worldwide tours. Image

Tour Calibre Performance
The Tx4 Pro features multi-layer construction and thin urethane cover for low driver spin, high wedge spin and precision accuracy from 100 yards and in.

-Nano-Tech particles infused into the rubber chemistry produce an extremely lively, but soft inner core
-Performance mantle layer fuels maximum acceleration off of the club face and generates higher iron spin rates
-Thin urethane cover promotes spin, delivers soft feel, and provides extra control off of irons
-Unique flat-bottomed, shallow dimples rip through the air to create a more stable, penetrating flight