2008 PGA Merchandise Show in Florida

2008 PGA Merchandise Show is running in Florida – in most golf markets this is the epicentre of world golf product releases – so for the next couple of weeks we can expect some good press releases about great new products plus images. (by all accounts from what I can see looks very exiting! Ed)

To kick off the season we will start with MacGregor:

MacGregor has introduced an entire new lineup of clubs for the 2008 season. Their designers must need a serious vacation – they have re-launched their product range! Image

The 2008 MacGregor “MT” Line-Up Includes:

MT PRO-M IRONS – This classic muscle back iron is designed for the serious golfer looking for a competitive edge, which they are sure to find in this remarkably easy-to-hit blade, forged from 1025 carbon steel. The PROM’s compact profile and flatter soles maximize a player’s ability to shape shots at will. The experts at MacGregor have once again delivered some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing technologies through precision computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling the muscle back, face and square grooves to optimize shot-shaping and trajectory control. Combined with their signature satin chrome finish, these “tour inspired” muscle backs have the looks to match.











MT PRO-C IRONS –The MT PRO-C Irons are developed from the same base forging and milling process as the MT Pro-M Irons, but have a CNC milled cavity back that offers better amateur golfers added forgiveness in their irons without sacrificing ball control. A lower-cut muscle in the long irons helps increase launch angle, while a higher-cut muscle in the short irons optimizes trajectory and distance control.Image







MT IRONS – The MT irons target low to mid handicap players in search of classic head shapes combined with relevant game improvement technology. It features a forged Cup Face for tremendous feel with incredible forgiveness and distance control on off-center hits. The raised muscle directly behind the face optimizes power and provides consistent feel, while the undercut channel produces a low and deep center of gravity (CG) to create ideal launch conditions. Its slightly larger, classically shaped profile inspires confidence at address.Image




MT–MID IRONS – Inspired from the MT Iron design, the MT-Mid is intended for the everyday player seeking additional forgiveness in their iron set. Like all new MT products, the MT-Mid features include classic MT iron shaping. A deeper CG created by a pronounced undercut cavity produces higher and straighter ball flight, while its slightly wider soles enhance playability from a wide range of turf conditions. The raised muscle behind the cast Cup Face provides a solid, pure feel and improved shot control.Image







MT–OS IRONS – The MT-OS irons are MacGregor’s longest and most forgiving irons. They feature a deep undercut cavity and the lowest, deepest CG in the MT line. Its large deep undercut cavity behind the cast Cup Face design produce an optimal CG that results in high-flying and longer shots. The MT OS irons’ wide soles help glide through turf and minimize ‘fat’ shots. The MT OS Seniors’ and Ladies’ irons optimize performance for slower swing speeds. All MT OS sets come standard with MT Hybrids, to create MacGregor’s most technologically advanced set.Image


MT PRO – “DW” DESIGN WEDGES – The new MT Pro “DW” Design wedge is crafted for remarkable versatility around the green. Hall of Fame craftsman Don White has masterfully created a clean looking and classic design based upon his 36 year career of working with PGA Touring Professionals. MT-PRO “DW” Wedges are offered in a diverse portfolio of loft and bounce options, while also providing either Satin Chrome or Gunmetal finishes. Previously, “DW” stamped golf clubs could only be found in the bags of PGA Touring Professionals and the most discerning amateur golfers. Now, everyone can benefit from Don White’s expertise and craftsmanship when putting MT PRO “DW” Wedges in their short game arsenal.Image



MT EZ-OUT WEDGES – This wedge series is designed to maximize a player’s confidence when faced with intimidating shots from the bunker or rough. Featuring the same profile and shape as the MT PRO “DW” Wedges and same construction as the MT-OS irons, the MT EZ-OUT has a deep cavity back that significantly lowers the CG. The super-wide radius sole easily cuts through sand and deep turf around the green. Simply put, this wedge is designed to make all short game shots, well…EZ.Image



MT 460 DRIVERS – Maximum distance and ultimate forgiveness best define the new MT 460 Driver. With the benefits of Cup Face 360º technology in a classic pear shaped head, the entire clubface is the sweet spot, so even off-center contact with the 15-3-3-3 Beta Ti clubface will result in minimal loss of ball velocity and thus, increased distance. The MT 460 has been engineered to have a very crisp and solid sound, contrary most modern driver designs that are acoustically unpleasing.Image



MT FAIRWAY WOODS – MT Fairway Woods feature the same classic pear shape and Cup Face 360º technology as the MT 460 but with a stainless steel club head. Two slightly pronounced rails along with its carefully sculpted sole helps to minimize turf drag. The rails allow a more aggressive angle of attack from thick lies without fear of the leading edge digging. On the tee box, the MT Fairway Wood delivers maximum forgiveness with driver like distance.Image



MT HYBRIDS – MT Hybrids feature the same technology forward features, construction and sole design as the MT Fairway Woods. The moderate offset and larger face area make the easy-to-hit MT Hybrid an ideal replacement for any long iron. These are sold individually but also come standard in MT OS iron sets.