Bridgestone e6+

Through advanced polymer engineering, Bridgestone delivers another technological breakthrough. The new e6+ provides superior performance with a straighter more accurate ball flight and a softer feel through its advanced Low Compression Multi-Layer contstruction. Image

Tee up the new Bridgestone e6+ and sharpen your game.

– Anti-Spin / Extra Velocity Inner Cover
– Soft Surlyn® Outer Cover
– Soft Gradational Compression Energy Core
– 330 Seamless Dimple Design
– Play The Right Ball For Your Game

The e6+ Multi-Layer design with its innovative Anti-Spin / Extra Velocity Inner Cover is engineered for players seeking a straighter ball flight with longer carry distance and roll.

The enhanced low compression design provides an extra soft feel on all shots and a smooth roll off the putter.

The 330 Seamless dimple design delivers advanced aerodynamics for a consistent trajectory leading to pin-point accuracy.