Bridgestone Tour B330-S

Bridgestone’s global network of leading R&D engineers have developed the latest and most advanced technologies with the New Tour B330-S, designed for serious players and Tour professionals seeking superior consistency and reliable performance with exceptional distance, outstanding control and a soft feel.


Bridgestone Tour B330-S

– 330 Seamless Dimple Design for Superior Flight Consistency
– Newly Enhanced Soft Speed Elasticity Core for increased distance
– Reengineered Ionomer Inner Layer for Acceleration
– Soft Urethane Cover for Increased Touch and Control
– Consistency

Unique Seamless Cover Technology™ produces uniform dimple coverage on the entire ball surface, delivering superior aerodynamics for Tour proven consistency of ball flight and pinpoint accuracy.

Softer Feel

The New Tour B330-S provides the ultimate fusion of a soft feel and enhanced greenside spin-control while maintaining Tour caliber distance. It's specially designed with a softer core and urethane cover for delicate touch and aggressive control for the short game