Bridgestone Tour B330

Bridgestone’s global network of leading R&D engineers have developed the latest and most advanced technologies with the New Tour B330, designed for serious players and Tour professionals seeking superior consistency and reliable performance with exceptional distance and enhanced greenside control.Image

– 330 Seamless Dimple Design for Superior Flight Consistency
– Newly Enhanced Speed Elasticity Core for increased distance
– Reengineered Ionomer Inner Layer for Optimal Spin
– Improved Urethane Cover for Added Feel, Control and Durability
– Consistency

Unique Seamless Cover Technology™ produces uniform dimple coverage on the entire ball surface, delivering superior aerodynamics for Tour proven consistency of ball flight and pinpoint accuracy.


The Speed Elasticity Core produces an extremely high initial velocity at impact. Once airborne, the 330 seamless dimple design provides a piercing trajectory and maximum ball speed resulting in shallow angle of descent for longer carry and added roll.