Nicklaus Claw Hybrid

The club has been designed with the idea of making alignment easier in hybrids – something that may have been lackng in hybrid design. The dominate silver front resembles a iron design while the rear design part is the 'wood' part – thereby  the player will have the benefits of both.  The club also has 42% less sole area touching the ground – thanks to a railing design – and this will cause less drag when hiting the ball.



Claw 3 Hybrid – 21 degress

– Maximum Twist Resistance (MTR) due to extreme polar weight distribution.
– Tighter shot dispersion due to extremely high Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.).
– Optimized stability through impact.
– Enhanced energy transfer and ball velocity.
– Reduced friction through turf.


– Patented Extreme Polar Weight Distribution (patent # 5,335,914), creating an extremely high M.O.I.
O ptimized Stability – Center runner flanked by thinner stabilizer rails creates less drag through impact, allowing the clubhead to stay online more easily.
– Dual Point Technology – Center of gravity aligned with optimal face flex point for maximum trampoline effect.
– Straight topline and flat iron-like face promotes proper alignment.
– Extra 50 grams of weight throughout the center runner in the sole, in line with the club’s center of gravity for increased launch angle.