A $1 000 000 year?

Last year on the PGA Tour 99 players earned more than $ 1 000 000 for the year in earnings – could this 2008 be the year you have earn a $ 1 000 000 just to keep their card – 125th spot?!!

In 1988 Curtis Strange was the first player to earn over $ 1 Million for the year earing $1,147,644 and Billy Ray Brown pocketed $83,590 for 125 place. Twenty years later a player may need to earn over $ 1 Million just to keep their card – and ironically enough may not even play as much. This year the PGA tour has introduced new cut rules whereby only a maximum 78 players will play the last two days but players will still earn a 'made the cut' status – known more as the financial cut.

Cut Rule:

The starting field shall be reduced to the 70 professionals having the lowest scores at the conclusion of 36 holes of tournament play, including any professionals tied for 70th place, plus amateurs with scores not higher than that of the 70th professional, provided, however, that should such a cut include more than 78 professionals, the field shall be reduced (cut) to the score which includes the number of professionals nearest 70th place, plus amateurs with scores not higher than the professionals nearest 70th place.

Should there be an equal number of professionals at different scores at equal intervals above and below 70th position, the higher score shall be used. In the event of any such reduction (cut), professionals eliminated who otherwise would have played in the final 36 holes shall receive their appropriate share of the official prize money in accordance with their respective positions.

In Layman's Terms

— The cut for most PGA TOUR events remains where it has been in the past, at low 70 professionals and ties.

— If that cut results in a field larger than 78 professionals, the cut will generally be at the next lower score, meaning the weekend field will be smaller than 70.

Mathias Gronberg  banked $785,180 for 125 spot in 2007 – this is looking like being well beaten…

At the end of January Daniel Chopra has earned almost as much in three tournaments as Curtis Strange did in 1988.

In 2005 there were 78 players earning over $1 000 000, 2006 – in 93 players.

Keep you posted…

'Til next time.