Adjustibility – A paradigm shift in club design

The USGA and RA and rules changed from this year to allow shafts to be screwed in or attached with a rachet system and not set in with apoxy.

This last week saw the launch of the "tour in the box" which includes a TaylorMade r7® CGB MAX Limited Driver and three shafts enabling the player to be able to change the shaft themselves according to the playing conditions. If it was a windy day a player may want a shaft that produces less ball flight. Professional tour players have for a long time owned two or three drivers with indentical heads but different shafts. This week Nickent released the Evolver driver which also has the ability to change the shaft with a lock system.

The recent changes to the rules.

Appendix II — Design of Clubs
Adjustability — Amended to allow forms of adjustability other than weight adjustment, subject to evaluation by the USGA.

I believe this makes perfect sense because it is really only a way of attachment which has nothing to with the perfomance of the shaft or clubhead – simply a screw instead of glue. The only concern with the rule makers was that the club could be changed during the round which is against the rules of play. Part of the conditions in the rule change is that there must be a locking system – ie hard to change without a special tool or very well secured (double locking system). A lot of club of manufacturers already have a fitting system were the professional can change clubs and shafts and fit the right club to the person they are teaching or fitting, and this system is now Imageavaliable to everyone – a paradigm shift in club making.

The ability to fit your your own shaft will be a boon to the shaft industry – if you can easily fit a new shaft, you may try and buy more shafts. This system also gives you the option of experimentation to get the right fit for the player. A person can now try a shaft in their own clubhead without having to buy first. Another advantage is that you may be able to change if it breaks during the round in fair use or play and have it ready before you get to the next tee! Image

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