Preview Nickent?s Exciting 2008 Product Lineup

Every category of club in the 2007 Nickent line, all designed by master designer John B. Hoeflich, made it’s way into play on the professional tours, while Nickent’s 4DX wood line was the fastest growing on the Nationwide Tour. Image

Twelve new products were launched at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show and their tour presence has been almost doubled in just one year’s time. It seems there is no slowing this company that prides themselves on cutting edge innovation.


With Interchangeable Shaft Technology from Nickent Golf, changing your shaft to optimize your ball flight is easy as 1-2-3. In minutes, Nickent's IST system lets you switch from the high-launch shaft to manage the next new course you face to a low-launch model for that all too common windy day. It's the all-new 4DX Evolver from Nickent Golf that puts you in control. Hundreds of shafts will be available for you to be custom fit or to custom fit yourself. Image


This 460cc high MOI design features a super thin magnesium crown joined to a titanium body that house Nickent's proprietary XW inserts. The amazingly light material used on the crown enabled Nickent to create a large more geometric head shape that will inspire confidence at address.

The magnesium crown, almost two times lighter than titanium, allowed Nickent to move a significant amount of weight low and back in the head. Part of this weight is added to the XW inserts to increase the MOI of the head to 5300 without compromising the shape of the head. This is one of the highest MOI's for a driver design that is not square based. This increased MOI on both heel-toe and high-low hits provides exceptional forgiveness and increased distance.


In 2008, players will get the first look at two new iron sets specifically designed with them in mind. Both sets were designed by Nickent's master designer, John Hoeflich, who wanted to give players two traditional looking iron designs that offer increased forgiveness, distance and feel without sacrificing the playability better players' seek.

The 4DX Pro Iron is a forged cavity-back designed to be "Golf's Most Playable Player's Iron", while the 4DX CB Iron is a higher flying, more forgiving model with a little more offset. Both will be sold at retail as hybrid/iron combo sets featuring the tour-preferred 4DX Ironwoods in place of the 3 and 4 irons.



Last year, independent tests showed Nickent Golf's 3DX Hybrid 5-iron outdistanced some of the top selling 5-irons in the game by as much as 25 yards. It was called “the Longest Iron set in the World” and it changed thousands of golfers forever.

The idea is to make an efficient, integrated hybrid iron set that would get rid of the large gap between the 4-hybrid and the 5-iron. The 4DX will fly a little higher than the previous "Longest" set due to an adjustment to the loft of the long irons, but because of the titanium face, the irons will still produce jaw-dropping distance gains.


The best way to design clubs for the picky players on the PGA Tours is to enlist their help. Over 20 professionals played Nickent wedges on tour last year, and utilizing their feedback, the 2008 ARC Wedges are now offered in two new finishes (matte chrome, gunmetal) and in a forged satin version.

The players also helped Hoelfich design a set of ARC Blades utilizing technology that helps ARC products look like strictly tour clubs, with an internal technology that makes them easier to play for everyone.


Another updated product for Nickent's ever-growing product line, the PIPE II Putter will bring all of the alignment benefits that wowed professionals and consumers the first time around. Alignment is more important in putting than any other factor. With the PIPE Putter, Nickent has developed what independent studies call the easiest alignment system ever made.

The patent-pending and USGA conforming PIPE putter was designed with an innovative cylinder pipe on the top of the clubhead to provide a 3-dimensional visual readout of exactly where your putter is lined up. The diameter of the PIPE section of the putter is identical to that of a golf ball (1.68 inches) and an alignment stripe has been placed down the middle making it easier than ever to start your putt on line.

Nickent Golf is a market leader in the rapidly expanding hybrid club segment of the golf industry and is an emerging leader in game-enhancement technology. Nickent is driven by its dedication to advanced product design and innovation. Instrumental to Nickent's association with Equus, the Gold family and Roski were Bill Foltz, Jeff Marks and Jason Cavnar of Sports Business Ventures, who specialize in bringing together industry leading executives and operators to strategically invest in innovative, sports-related growth businesses.

Based in Walnut CA, Nickent Golf is a manufacturer of golf equipment for golfers of all levels – from the professional tours to the beginner. At Nickent we know that every golfer is different yet every golfer demands the same thing – performance. Performance on the course. And performance from our golf equipment. At Nickent Golf, our entire development process is born out of a 100% commitment to performance. This commitment is driven by a dedication to advanced technologies and an absolute focus on design innovation. This commitment to performance is evidenced by over 20 wins on the professional tours in the last 3 years, including the 2007 U.S. Open Champion and the 2007 Nationwide Tour Champion. To learn more about Nickent Golf, please visit