Srixon Z-RW Driver

The Z-RW's revolutionary Starburst Power Face design creates more uniform clubface deformation at impact which increases the effective sweet area for more forgiveness and distance on off-center hits. The face also features a unique 4-zone face design, where the bulge and roll of the face differs in 4 different zones. This controls sidespin by optimizing the gear effect on shots struck in those specific zones.

The Z-RW features a multimaterial combination of a 6-4 forged Titanium body with a Forged SP700HM face. The high specific strength of the SP700HM allows for a thinner and lighter clubface whose weight savings are then repositioned to further lower the Z-RW's center of gravity.

The optimal flow weight design with its distinctive red bar moves progressively towards the heel in the higher lofts favored by more moderate swingers to help square the clubface at impact.

Standard in the new Z-RW is the proprietary SV3014 shaft from Fujikara. Designed to perfectly complement the Z-RW, the SV3014 features lower torque and a stiffness profile designed to deliver higher trajectory and low spin.