Cleveland Hi-Bore Hybrid 3i

The new Cleveland HiBore Hybrid features the same innovative technology of Cleveland's HiBore Driver in a hybrid design that gives greater distance, more forgiveness, and the highest MOI of any fairway wood developed by Cleveland Golf.


Low Profile Inverted Crown Design

Low CG creates Face Centered Performance
Allows for more forgiveness with greater distance
10% Larger Face Area

Straighter leading edge allows more heel to toe face area
More forgiveness on mis-hits
Perimeter Weighting

Highest MOI fairway wood ever created by Cleveland Golf
Amazing stability, leading to forgiveness on off-center shots
Inverted Crown

Moves weight lower
Easier to get the ball up in the air
Tour-Inspired Face Profile

Creates confidence at address with a 10% larger face area
Square leading edge face profile promotes a larger hitting area and more playability out of all types of turf conditions
Perimeter Weighting

Moves discretionary weight to the rear skirt of the clubhead
Creates a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness