Polarity MTR Irons creating high MOI and a buzz


WEST PALM BEACH–What does the pole do for a tightrope walker?  The answer is not only simple, but it has also led to the patented technology used to design the new irons from Nicklaus Golf Equipment Company:  Stability and Balance.

The pole helps tightrope walkers distribute their weight equally, which provides stability, balance and, of course, enhances survival.  The longer the pole, the more extreme the pole walkers’ weight is distributed and the easier it is to cross the wire.

Clay Long used the same principle in designing the new Polarity MTR Irons for the Nicklaus Golf Equipment Premium Collection.

“Extreme weight distribution keeps clubheads stable, resists twisting and therefore makes it easier to hit the golf ball, straighter” says Long. “I patented (U.S. patent # 5,335,914) this technology a few years ago, but the emphasis at that time was not on Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) Now, of course, the buzz in the industry is M.O.I.  With that in mind, my patented technology was worth a new look.  I tweaked the concept by distributing the weight more evenly from toe to  hosel to achieve extreme weight distribution with maximum twist resistance and the highest M.O.I. for an iron in the market to date,”  {multithumb}


Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment – The Polarity MTR Irons

“We all know the importance of a great drive,” says Long, “But our customers are asking for equipment to help get to the green.  That’s what this year’s Nicklaus Premium Collection is all about. Great drivers and new technology to help get to the green!”

“That’s exactly what we’ve achieved with our patented Extreme Polar Weight Distribution technology that creates an extremely high M.O.I. and Maximum Twist Resistance,” adds Clay. 

“Traditional weighting on irons is toe to heel,” points out Long.  “With our new irons, weighting has extreme distribution from the toe to the hosel.  This extreme polar weight distribution provides Maximum Twist Resistance and a tighter shot dispersion due to the highest M.O.I. of the clubs we tested on the market.”


The Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment Polarity MTR Irons feature:

–highest M.O.I. due to the patented Extreme Polar Weight Distribution
–an extended face for added stability
–Double heat treated 431 pH stainless steel club head
–low center of gravity due to the wide, cambered sole promoting a higher ball flight.
–progressive offset and sole width–less on short irons; more on long irons.
–feel enhancing Urethane Inset.

The Nicklaus Premium Golf Equipment’s Polarity MTR Irons are offered from 3 –PW, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge sold separately.  Shaft offerings include FST Pro Silver Ultra Light Steel (regular and stiff); Precision Rifle Black Graphite in regular, stiff and senior flexes, and Nicklaus SG Pro 3.01 in ladies flex. Standard sets are available in left and right handed.

There is also a Plus Set available, consisting of the new Claw Hybrid with Dual Point Technology.  The set consists of the 3 and 4 hybrids along with the Polarity Irons, 5-PW.  A Super Set consists of the Claw Hybrids 3, 4 and 5 along with Polarity Irons, 6-PW.  Available in RH and LH.

MSRP for a standard set of Polarity MTR Irons ranges from $449.99 to $549.99, depending upon the shaft.  The Plus Set is priced from $499.99 to $599.99 depending upon the shaft.  And the Super Set  is priced from $549.99 to $649.99 depending upon the shaft. Individual Polarity Irons, plus PW, GW, LW ranges from $56.99 to $69.99 and are available for right handed players.


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