Mizuno MP-600

The sleek MP-600 with Fast Track is Mizuno's ultimate player's driver. Fast Track's sliding weight system allows MP-600's flight bias to be fine tuned for complete ball control.

Two 8-gram pegs offer 15 quick to set flight variations for players seeking to control higher ball speeds. Fast Track is not a fault corrective system, but can be set to influence fade/draw bias, with additional potential to affect trajectory and spin rate.

A high precision milled clubface ensures that all MP-600 drivers will perform to the limit of the USGA/R&A "trampoline effect" limitations, for maximum ball speed.

Official Press Release:


Easy Adjustment for 15 Usable Flight Settings

Mizuno’s sleek new player’s driver the MP-600 with FAST TRACK™ is the result of a long term Mizuno research project into adjustable performance golf equipment.  Originally unveiled as a concept in 2000, the MP-600 features an impressively easy to adjust, weight movement system.

FAST TRACK™ technology is a revolutionary fine tuning system that allows the golfer to quickly and easily impact their ball flight.  By having two 8 gram weights that can be placed in six distinct locations along the perimeter of the driver’s sole, there are 15 possible ball flight options to choose from in order to find the ideal setting for each golfer in order to maximize distance and control.

With the track located to the perimeter of the sole and towards the back of the 460cc titanium driver head, the MP-600 inherently has a low, deep COG. This ensures that regardless of each individual’s ideal setting, the MP-600 will generate a high launch with a strong, boring trajectory. 


“Historically, Mizuno has been an innovator in driver technology,” said Masao Nagai, Global Director of R&D Mizuno.  “Mizuno was the first to introduce an all Titanium driver in the Ti100 and explore the impact of efficient ball flight and spin rates with the T-ZOID concept.  We have been a little quiet for the last couple of years, but FAST TRACK™ is a very exciting project that puts Mizuno back at the forefront of technical advancement.”

The MP-600ä driver also features a CNC milled, plasma welded CORTECH™ face design which utilizes multiple face thicknesses for maximum ball speed and distance across the entire face, a maximum allowable USGA 460cc volume for unsurpassed forgiveness, a classic headshape and extremely solid feedback.Image

“The MP-600 FAST TRACK™ offers 15 very usable settings.  Unlike other weight adjustment drivers all 15 settings are useful and easy to find.  We think that the system will be very popular amongst better players and consistent ball strikers looking to fine tune their ball flight.  This is not a fault correction system but a fine tuning device.”