Callaway Tour iX

New 4-piece inertia technology that generates breakthrough tour distance.

Callaway Golf engineers have taken a giant leap forward, re-inventing tour golf ball performance. The new Tour ix Golf Ball is the most technologically advanced and longest tour ball we’ve ever made, featuring innovative 4-piece inertia technology. 4 pieces, 2 cores, 1 unbeatable ball.



Tour iX

Tungsten-Infused Outer Core – The ball’s high-density outer core moves weight away from the center of the ball for increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) resulting in reduced driver spin for increased distance.

Dual Core Construction – The ball’s dual core construction allows for great distance off the tee while still offering spin around the green. The softer inner core provides low spin off the driver for great distance while the firmer outer core provides high driver speed and high chip-shot spin around the green.

Mantle Layer – Works with the dual core to produce high ball speed and its higher density moves more weight away from the center to increase MOI and reduce driver spin to maximize distance.

New Thermoset Urethane Cover – Provides superior feel and short-game spin for excellent greenside control.