I-MIX? Technology – Dynamic Interchangeability

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Out on Tour, golf clubs are dynamic, allowing every pro to have the ideal driver setup for specific course conditions. So Callaway Golf asked: “How can we bring this level of flexibility and choice to every player?” I-MIX™ Technology is the answer. Now you can quickly and easily customize your driver by selecting a clubhead and shaft to meet the challenge of the day.


Callaway, as reported in a previous news item, have launched I-MIX™ Technology, a way every day players have access the choices that professionals have on tour – fitting a club to suit their swing, the course and the weather conditions. This a massive paradigm shift in way we buy golf equipment – in the past we would probably have to have a club fitted before we could actually have our exact requirements met. A lot of manufactures, like Callaway, have always had mobile fitment centres but only if the local pro was willing to invest in all the choices and then re-invest when the new clubs arrived. Well that is all changing with i-MIX -the shaft you try is the one that you can actually buy and so the pro does not have to stock the demo shaft and then also stock the glue fitted shaft as well, and for small pro shops on course this is good news. Callaway have taken their most popular current drivers, FT-i and FT-5, and added the i-MIX.

Choose from 22 FT-i® or FT-5® clubheads with I-MIX Technology and more than 70 of the most popular shafts in the game for more than 1600 possible I-MIX combinations and take command of your game every time you play.{multithumb}

Dynamic Interchangeability
Technologically advanced customization allows golfers to select from 22 Tour-proven FT-i and FT-5 clubheads, combined with dozens of shaft choices from the most-respected manufacturers in the industry.Image

I-MIX Tip Technology
Made with precision-milled, aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium, the I-MIX connection produces drivers that feel and play just like their traditionally assembled counterparts. The high grade materials provide extraordinary durability and taper-lock force that keeps the connection securely in place during play.

I-MIX Torque Wrench
With an ergonomically designed handle and precision cast aluminum teeth, the wrench provides the high torque required to create the proper I-MIX connection.

Fusion® Technology
Multi-material construction allows for the OptiFit® Weighting System, which lets golfers choose a center of gravity (CG) bias that will counteract their most common swing flaw for longer, straighter drives.

Dynamic interchangeability allows golfers to select from 22 FT-i and FT-5 clubheads and over 70 shafts for more than 1600 different I-MIX combinations.

I-MIX tip technology produces drivers that feel and play just like traditionally assembled clubs and provides taper-lock force that won’t budge during play.Image

I-MIX torque wrench is ergonomically designed and provides the high torque required to ensure the proper I-MIX connection.

Fusion® Technology allows for Draw and Neutral options so golfers can choose a CG configuration that helps generate longer, straighter drives.