Srixon Trispeed

The all new Srixon Trispeed brings multilayer performance to a broad audience of golfers. The Trispeed features Srixon’s proprietary soft, Energetic Gradient Growth core which provides highly efficient energy transfer from ball to club for a wide range of swing speeds, along with ideal high launch angle and low spin launch conditions. The mid-layer is made of highly resilient Rabalon® HR blended ionomer for enhanced ball speed. The soft Rabalon blended cover delivers an incredible feel with amazing velocity. Core, Mid and Cover – three layers, each designed for the one thing that directly translates to distance – Speed.


Provides greater carry with exceptionally soft
feel for players of all swing speeds

• Highly resilient, advanced aerodynamics for greater carry and distance

• Superb soft feel on all shots from tee to green

• High trajectory aerodynamics make it easier to get the ball airborne