Polarity MTR Irons

Nicklaus Golf Equipment have used an old patent from 1994 to create these new irons, and by all accounts are being received very well.

Clay Long used the same principle in designing the new Polarity MTR Irons for the Nicklaus Golf Equipment Premium Collection.

“Extreme weight distribution keeps clubheads stable, resists twisting and therefore makes it easier to hit the golf ball, straighter” says Long. “I patented (U.S. patent # 5,335,914) this technology a few years ago, but the emphasis at that time was not on Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) Now, of course, the buzz in the industry is M.O.I.  With that in mind, my patented technology was worth a new look.  I tweaked the concept by distributing the weight more evenly from toe to  hosel to achieve extreme weight distribution with maximum twist resistance and the highest M.O.I. for an iron in the market to date,”  {multithumb}

Polarity MTR

Polarity MTR



Maximum Twist Resistance (MTR) due to extreme polar weight distribution.
Tighter shot dispersion due to the highest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) in the industry.


Patented Extreme Polar Weight Distribution (patent # 5,335,914) creating the highest M.O.I. in an iron to date.
Extended face for added stability.
Double heat-treated 4-31 pH stainless steel.
Low Center of Gravity – due to the wide, cambered sole promotes a higher ball flight.
Progressive offset – less on short irons, more on long irons.
Feel-enhancing Urethane insert.
Pro Silver, ultra light steel shaft, by FST – a revolutionary lightweight 100 gram shaft with superior launch and spin characteristics.