The Masters,Tiger Woods and Major record 13-0 0-28

With the completion of the WGC CA Championship this week attention now shifts to the majors and the US Masters in April(7-13) – my favourite time of year. Tiger's winning streak was ended by Geoff Ogilvy and possibly poor putting. Tiger was 4 shots over his putting average at the Blue Monstor and he only finished 2 behind. I think Tiger would not openingly admit losing anything makes him happy but if he had won last week he would have gone into the Masters on a 6th winning streak and victory would have meant seven in a row and that kind of pressure would be too much for anyone – even Tiger. He can now focus on just winning the Masters.


Who will win?

Which brings me to my point – Tigers record in the majors is quite amazing as we all know but his win 'from the front' record is 100% (13-0, tied or lead on his own) and his 'win from behind' record is 0% (0-28) which I think is incredible – in 28 losing majors  he has not been able to make up at least one shot or two shots and win. That in its self is a great point for all the other players as there is this notion that when Tiger is on their tails he steam rolls them – well that is just not true in the Majors and it proves that Tiger can be beaten – 100% of time at majors if he is behind on the final day. Tiger has won 64 times, 43 from the front and rest he has made up on the final day, but no major comeback wins. By all accounts Tiger could easily have another 5 majors going on stats but when on the heat is on and pressure is intense stats mean nothing.

In Last years round Tiger (72) was in second place after 3 rounds and remained there, he was passed by Zach Johnson with 69 (-3). Stuart Appelby (75) had the lead but let it go falling to T7.

So it will interesting to see this year if Tiger is not leading on the final day if he can pull off victory, assuming he is in contention of course 😉


Happy Golfing and US Masters,