Alpha Golf updates drivers’ design – Carbon Copy

Alpha Golf unveiled two new updated driver designs to their product line-up this week. The RX Carbon and Response Carbon. Based off of the popular RX460 and Response Offset, the new drivers feature a strong frame structure, updated sole design, and “Super-lite” Carbon crowns.

Both 460cc drivers benefit from the Carbon crowns which allow significant weight normally used up in the crown to be repositioned in the rear and lower-back regions of the club head. The result is nothing short of incredible ball speed and maximum Smash Factors. More energy is transferred to the ball due to the “high rigidity” of these Carbon crowns. And higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) is achieved due to the repositioned weight. Image

“As a part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, the RX Carbon and Response Carbon are the first Alpha drivers to feature Carbon Crown Technology for better energy transfer” says Dr. Jim Yeh, President and Founder of Alpha Golf. “Maximizing smash factor is always our #1 goal when it comes to driver performance. And the new carbon designs, which minimize energy loss and effectively increase MOI, are clear benefits for players of all levels.”

The new RX Carbon and Response Carbon drivers start at $204 (assembled with graphite shafts) and are now ready for shipping.

Alpha Driver Wins Diamond in the Desert Classic 2008 - Immediate Delivery

Alpha Driver Wins Diamond in the Desert Classic 2008

Alpha drivers continue to revolutionize the sport of golf by outperforming every other driver in accuracy and distance. For the 2nd year in a row, the C830.2 Plasma driver swept the Diamond in the Desert Classic in Mesquite, NV. Image

Vincent Ciurluini won the Diamond in the Desert Classic 2008 Open Division with the acclaimed Alpha C830.2 Plasma driver.

“The distance and consistency of my Alpha driver is amazing!” Says Ciurluini. “Even after everything I put it through, the C830.2 Plasma never fails to give me outstanding results.”

Conforming to all USGA club guidelines, Alpha’s C830.2 460cc driver has been touted by Golf Digest as one of “The Best Drivers You’ve Never Heard Of.” The C830.2 was also called “A Hidden Gem” by Links Magazine, awarded the “Seal of Excellence” by GolfTest USA, and recognized as the “Best of the Best” by

With 6 RE/Max World Long Drive Championship titles, and over 150 long drive championship wins world-wide, Alpha drivers have quietly gained the respect of both PGA Tour players and Long Drive professionals