Phil mixes it up at the Masters?

In 2006 Phil Mikelson used two drivers, one with a draw and one with a fade bias  to naviagte his way around Augusta National and he won. Rumour has it that he might debut the Callaway i-Mix technology this week. He currently has the FT 5 in the bag and says that the technology has helped out him a lot to get exaclty what he needs, perhaps leaving space in his bag for another long iron. Could this be key to another victory? Let's wait and see.

(Up Date Post Masters – Mix messages – there are unconfirmed reports and awaiting data, Ed)

Jan 08 Callaway have launched I-MIX™ Technology, a way every day players have access the choices that professionals have on tour – fitting a club to suit their swing, the course and the weather conditions. This a massive paradigm shift in way we buy golf equipment – in the past we would probably have to have a club fitted before we could actually have our exact requirements met. A lot of manufactures, like Callaway, have always had mobile fitment centres but only if the local pro was willing to invest in all the choices and then re-invest when the new clubs arrived. Well that is all changing with i-MIX -the shaft you try is the one that you can actually buy and so the pro does not have to stock the demo shaft and then also stock the glue fitted shaft as well, and for small pro shops on course this is good news. Callaway have taken their most popular current drivers, FT-i and FT-5, and added the i-MIX.

As at Northern Trust Open

Driver: Callaway Golf FT-5
Fairway Wood: Callaway Golf FT 3-wood
Hybrid: Callaway Golf 2H FT
Irons: Callaway Golf prototype blades
Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #9
Ball: Callaway Golf Tour i
Footwear: Callaway Golf HX Tour with Softspikes