Nickent Golf Helps 1st Time Winners on PGA TOUR & Nationwide Tour

4DX Evolver, 4DX Hybrids Earn Wins at AT&T Classic and BMW Charity Pro-AM

Nickent Golf's 4DX line earned momentous wins on the PGA TOUR and Nationwide Tour this weekend, helping two players to their first ever PGA wins.

Nickent staff player David Mathis won the BMW Charity Pro-Am on the Nationwide Tour using a 4DX Evolver Driver, a 4DX Fairway Wood and a 4DX Hybrid. The winner of the AT&T Classic also plays a 4DX Hybrid, and has used a Nickent hybrid since his Nationwide Tour days in 2004.

The AT&T Classic champion now ranks 3rd in the FedEx Cup point standings. Three players using Nickent clubs now rank in the Top 20 on the PGA TOUR, including star staff player Jeff Quinney who sits at #18.

The 4DX Evolver driver gave Nickent their 3rd driver victory on the Nationwide Tour this year. It is believed to be the first interchangeable shaft driver to win on the PGA Tours since the USGA made interchangeable technology legal for tournament play in January of this year.

"Driving was the key for me this week," said Mathis. "The conditions were so windy, but with Evolver I was able to find the right head and shaft combination to hold its flight. I've never been more confident on the tee."

Three Nickent staff players, Mathis, Ewan Porter and Bryan Decorso, have won with a Nickent driver and hybrid in their bag this year. They now sit comfortably at #4, #5 and #6 on the Nationwide Tour money list. The top 25 at the end of the year will earn their PGA TOUR cards for 2009.

"Absolutely, top 25 is what you are looking for," Mathis said. "To think of all the things I've come through to get to this point, gosh it's just awesome."

Nickent had the most clubs in play in a single week on the PGA Tours with hundreds of clubs in play. They ranked as the #2 overall woods on the Nationwide Tour with 86 woods in play, according to the Darrell Survey. At the AT&T Classic, 20 Nickent woods were in the field.

Every category of club was represented in Nickent's record setting weekend: 27 4DX drivers, including 5 4DX Evolver drivers, 17 4DX fairway woods, 22 of the brand new 3DX RC Ironwoods, 54 4DX Hybrids, 9 iron sets, a dozen ARC wedges, 2 PIPE II putters and 1 Tour Prototype milled putter.

Nickent Staff Player David Mathis Wins with Evolver

Mathis uses a 10.5º Evolver with a Fujikura Rombax shaft. He was fit into the new driver featuring a new technology that doesn't use apoxy to connect the head and shaft after Nickent sent him 5 different shafts to work with at his home course. The new driver helped him finish at 20 under on a difficult golf course with a heavy wind blowing and thunderstorms on the horizon. He ranked T7 is driving accuracy with 75.9 % accuracy and 19th in distance at 286.9 yards per drive with his 4DX Evolver.

Last week, Mathis changed his driver head but kept his shaft by simply clicking the shaft out and replacing it in a new Evolver head. This week he hit 9 of 13 fairways.

"The Evolver system is all about versatility for me," said Mathis. "Depending on whether the course conditions are dry and firm, or wet and soggy, I like to change the way I drive the ball. If it's dry and firm, I like to have a flatter more penetrating flight. If the conditions are wet, I like a higher ball flight to maximize my carry distance. Now I can travel with the Evolver head and the two shafts that produce both ball flights I want. Then it's a simple game time decision on the shaft, click and go! It's totally changed my ability to play my game the way I want to."

Mathis' first career win was worth $121,500 from the $675,000 purse and jumped him from No. 44 to No. 4 on the money list. He also won a BMW X5. Image

"It's everything I imagined," said Mathis. "I never thought it wouldn't happen. I thought my game was progressing and I could see improvement in my game. That helped me a great deal with my confidence. I wanted to keep the pedal down," said Mathis. "On this Tour, guys can run off five birdies in a row very quickly. I knew I had to continue to try and make birdies, especially with two par 5s in the last four holes, anything can happen."

"I tried to keep the ball under the wind and hit to some safer spots," he added. "As I got to the tee, I thought, 'this is the situation I've wanted to be in my entire life,'" said Mathis. "One hole left to play, four-stroke lead with a great hole left to play on a great golf course. The game plan goes out the window at that point."

Mathis, who led after the second and third rounds, cruised to a three-under 68 to finish the tournament at 20-under-par 266.


AT&T Classic Champ Plays 4DX Hybrid

One year after losing a playoff at the AT&T Classic, a long time Nickent supporter got his chance back. This time, he walked a way a champion.

"I never really believed in destiny," the winner said. "But I'm starting to believe it."

The winner is a native of Japan who attended the University of Georgia. He earned his PGA TOUR card in 2004 after finishing third on the on the Nationwide Tour money list. He has played a Nickent hybrid ever since.

"I know I get invited to the Masters now," he said. "I always dreamed of playing there since I was a kid. I can't wait to see what it's like."