Dave Mobley Wins Tennessee Longdrive Shootout with Alpha C830.2 Plasma Driver

World Long Drive Champion Dave Mobley drove 412 yards this past weekend to win the Laughlin Memorial Long Drive Event in Greensville, TN. Mobley's power drive was achieved using the Alpha C830.2 Plasma driver. A total of 5 of the top 10 finishers were also hitting with the Alpha C830.2 Plasma driver at this longdrive event. Image

"I'm hitting the ball farther than I ever have, and the perfect spin I get allows the ball to bounce for those crucial final yards," says Mobley.

The C830.2 driver, having been acclaimed by industry pundits and officially recognized with 3 RE/MAX World Long Drive championship titles, is also now a favorite among PGA Champions Tour players such as Jack Ferenz and Steve Thomas. "Players love the deep face of the Plasma and really connect with the solid sound on impact," says Dr. Jim Yeh, President and Chief Designer of Alpha Golf.

The C830.2 Plasma driver is crafted from super light yet dense SP700 Titanium. Assembled, the driver starts at $278 and is customizable at authorized Alpha dealer locations as well as www.alphagolfclubs.com.