TaylorMade Introduces r7 Limited Driver

Newest Generation of r7 Driver Combines a New Head Shape with Movable Weight Technology to Promote 35 Yards of Side-to-Side Trajectory Change

CARLSBAD, Calif. (August 21, 2008) -TaylorMade®, the No. 1 driver brand in golf, introduced Movable Weight Technology™ four years ago in a seminal driver called the r7® quad, which gave golfers the ability to move weight in the driver head to promote changes in trajectory to gain greater distance and accuracy. It was followed by the r7 425, the r7 460 and r7® SuperQuad™, drivers whose groundbreaking performance fueled record popularity among tour professionals and recreational players alike. Now, TaylorMade is unveiling the next driver in the r7 lineage, which promises a similar leap in performance and is destined to be similarly embraced. Called the r7 Limited, it also uses Movable Weight Technology to fuel a remarkable boost in performance. Image

"The r7 Limited is targeted at r7 driver users, whom we have labeled 'technicians' – players who like having the ability to adjust their equipment to promote and improve the quality of their shots," said Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade senior director of metalwood creation.

But where the r7 SuperQuad promotes a side-to-side change in trajectory of 28 yards, the r7 Limited promotes a change of 35 yards, and does so with only three weights weighing 16-grams, 1-gram and 1-gram. And, whereas the r7 SuperQuad and CGB MAX drivers are decidedly draw-biased, the r7 Limited is neutral.

Configuring the weights properly in the r7 Limited is intuitive and simple: if you want the shot to bend right, put the heavy (16-gram) weight in the toe, if you want the shot to bend left, put the heavy weight in the heel, and if you want the shot to go straight, put the heavy weight in the middle. All three weights and an MWT® wrench are included.

The r7 Limited also incorporates a new, modern and beautiful clubhead shape. Reminiscent of a triangle, with soft corners for a pleasing appearance, the head is faster-looking than any r7 driver head before it, and the address footprint is exceptionally large, giving it a substantial and confidence-inspiring appearance.

In fact, the r7 Limited head is longer from front to back than the r7 SuperQuad head, which gives the r7 Limited a deep CG that's far back from the clubface, making it easier to launch the ball on a high, long flight. The r7 Limited head boasts an extremely high MOI measurement for greater stability and forgiveness. And, like all TaylorMade drivers, r7 Limited features Inverted Cone clubface technology for higher ball speed on off-center hits.

The r7 Limited is equipped with a new high-performance 60-gram graphite shaft, the Matrix XCon 5.5 MOI, which incorporates a stability-enhancing weave that extends from the butt to the middle of the shaft. The XCon 5.5 MOI is specifically designed to work in conjunction with today's larger, high-MOI driver heads to reduce twisting when contact is made toward the toe or heel. The result is improved stability and energy transfer on toe- and heel-hits, equaling improved accuracy and distance.

The r7 Limited is completed with a radium ion-plated finish, giving it a highly polished look for an exceptionally striking appearance. Available shaft flexes include S, R and M; lofts include men's and ladies' 8.5°, 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5° and men's left-handed 9.5° and 10.5°. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $500, and availability at retail begins on September 15, 2008.