TaylorMade Introduces Burner Plus Irons

Super-Long and Super-Forgiving, Ideal for the Bomber Who Loves the Burner Driver and Wants an Iron with the Same Personality

10+ handicap bomber who loves his Burner driver and wants an iron that shares the same personality and the same fast-and-long qualities.

"Our new Burner Plus irons possess one of the highest MOI measurements of any TaylorMade iron, making them super-forgiving and easy to hit," said Brian Bazzel, TaylorMade manager of iron creation. "These are so easy to launch that it's a blast to make a big swing and let them fly. We had a lot of fun designing them and are looking forward to the reception they receive among golfers who like to go long."

The big Burner Plus clubhead features a thin, fast and expansive clubface, significant perimeter weighting and an extremely low and deep-back CG that makes it easy to launch the ball high and long. Inverted Cone technology, visible on the back of the clubface, promotes faster ball speed and more distance on off-center hits. SuperFast technology (extremely light and slightly longer shaft, light grip) promotes faster swing speed for more distance.

Burner Plus irons look strong and easy to launch at address, with the large clubface and thick topline creating "can't miss" confidence. An increased degree of offset makes it easier to square the clubface to the ball, discouraging a fade and promoting a distance-enhancing draw. Image

At impact, the wide, beveled sole powers through turf to promote better results for a variety of descending downswing paths, and its bulk and weight work together to help get thin shots off the ground and all the way to the target. Also at impact, the thin and fast face delivers higher COR to promote faster ball speed and increased distance. The upshot of all of the above is an incredibly easy-to-hit iron that's built to deliver more forgiveness, speed and distance with every swing.

In addition to a standard set, Burner Plus irons are also available in a combo set that includes two TaylorMade Burner Rescue® clubs with Dual Crown technology. Men's combo set makeup is: Burner Rescues 3 and 4, Burner Plus 5-iron through PW.


"We took special care to address a common problem that's plagued many of our competitors' combo sets, and that's the distance gap formed between the lowest iron and the highest hybrid," said Scott White, TaylorMade category director for irons. "For example, if you average 170 yards with your 5-iron, and 190 yards with your 4-hybrid, you've got a 20-yard gap between those clubs, and that's a problem. We avoided that issue by carefully configuring the two Rescues in the Burner Plus combo set to deliver a distance-increase that's consistent with the distance-increase delivered from iron to iron; from the lob wedge all the way up to the 5-iron. Thus, if a player's distance-difference between each iron is 10 yards, he Imagecan be confident that his Rescue 4 will be 10 yards longer than his 5-iron, and that his Rescue 3 will be 10 yards longer than his Rescue 4."

Burner Plus irons are equipped with 47-gram TaylorMade arrow grips and TaylorMade SuperFast RE*AX® 60-gram graphite shafts in S, R, M and L flexes or SuperFast 85-gram lightweight steel in S, R and M flexes.

The Standard set consists of 4-iron through attack wedge, the Combo set consists of Burner Rescues 3 and 4, plus 5-iron through pitching wedge. Ladies' set consists of Burner Rescues 4 and 5, plus 6-iron through attack wedge. Available wedges include lob wedge (right-hand men's only), sand wedge, attack wedge and pitching wedge. In men's right-handed and left-handed, ladies' right-handed.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for a Standard set is $799 with graphite shaft, $599 with steel shaft; Combo set is $899 graphite, $699 steel; Ladies' Combo set is $899 graphite, 699 steel.

Available at retail starting on September 19, 2008.