Nike Golf Creates a Transformational New Driver for Golfers who Want to Control Their Own Destiny

Nike's STR8-FIT Technology, the First of its Kind, is Already a Multiple Winner on the PGA Tour

BEAVERTON, Ore. (December 15, 2008) – Nike Golf continues to make accessible to consumers the same game-changing technology that is used by its talented group of athletes on the professional tours. The latest and most exciting representation of this is Nike's groundbreaking STR8-FIT (pronounced "straight fit") technology found in Nike's new SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO" (square-shape) STR8-FIT drivers, available on April 1, 2009. A choice of eight club head positions that can dramatically or subtly perfect ball flight makes the SQ Dymo STR8-FIT the first of its kind in the market place.

Nike's new STR8-FIT driver technology provides golfers with the opportunity to hit the ball longer and straighter by changing the head position. Simple changes can be made before their round to dramatically correct their ball flight or subtly perfect it through the selection of eight unique head positions from open to close with one club, eliminating the use of multiple shafts and movable weights. This is a new and unique way for each individual consumer to control their own game, much like the Nike Tour athletes use the Nike Tour Van at tournament site prior to a round to adapt their equipment for the day's round. For example, if a golfer is pushing, fading or slicing the ball too much and they wish to draw the ball or hit more to the left for a particular course set up, they can change the position of their clubface to a more closed position. If a golfer is hooking, pulling or drawing the ball more than they wish, they can manually change the clubface to a more open position. Club face angles range from a neutral position of zero degrees to both one and two degrees closed or open.{multithumb} Image

Nike's STR8-FIT technology already has had Tour-proven success. Throughout the 2008 PGA Tour season, it was consistently used as a prototype by Nike Golf athletes and the results spoke for themselves. Nike's Trevor Immelman captured his first major championship victory at The Masters using the technology. Also winning with STR8-FIT were Nike athletes K.J. Choi, who was the first to win with it in January, 2008 at the Sony Open; and Anthony Kim, who won the Wachovia Championship and the AT&T Classic.

"I have worked on a number of great products in my time, but never has there been a product that allows a golfer to "change" his or her results so quickly and effectively," said Tom Stites, Nike Golf's Director of Club Creation. "The new SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO" STR8-FIT drivers allow the golfer to change the face and shaft relationship up to plus/minus 2˚ for face angle, loft and lie. Nothing influences ball flight more than face, loft and lie angles. This is significant because it means that if a player normally hits the ball far right or left, there is at least one of the eight locations of STR8-FIT that will allow him or her to hit in or near the fairway. And straight equals greater distance."

The SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO" STR8-FIT drivers, available in round and square versions, feature a simple STR8-FIT shaft adapter built into the hosel giving golfers access to eight different head positions resulting in eight different shot shapes. Through the magic of this simple technology, golfers now are empowered to control their ball flight by manually selecting face and lie angles in one simple shaft and club head position.

Through comprehensive testing on the range with the SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO" STR8-FIT drivers, test results revealed 45 yards difference between the maximum left and maximum right positions. That means that this club offers a great deal of ball flight change. Players now have the power to significantly alter their ball flight by simply changing the face position, which is easy to manipulate manually. To adapt the head positions, the player will use a torque wrench, which is located in the headcover that comes with each SQ DYMO STR8-FIT driver. When the head position is "locked in," a sound indicator and light on the wrench goes off to ensure that the club is ready to be hit.

INSPIRED BY NIKE GOLF ATHLETES ON THE PGA TOUR – (Already three victories with STR8-FIT Prototype in 2008)

The creation of STR8-FIT technology was inspired by how Nike Golf Tour athletes set up their equipment to suit each tournament's course. On the PGA Tour, Nike Golf athletes have the luxury of utilizing the Nike Tour Van, where a staff of Nike club experts can adjust each Nike athlete's driver to the face and lie angle that they want to perform their best on any given week. This same concept is now being made available to consumers through the STR8-FIT's wide range of choices in shot shaping with one shaft, one club head, one club.

When Nike Golf athlete Immelman won his first major championship title at The Masters tournament on Augusta National, he decided to use a non-straight driver in his bag. Immelman chose a 1˚ closed-face setup on his Nike SQ driver because he wanted to slightly draw the ball. The result of this subtle adjustment as he navigated Augusta's primarily draw layout was 48 out of 56 drives in the fairway.

The standard shaft option is Nike Golf's UST Proforce AXIV Core, which features a strengthening core material that provides an extremely stable environment at impact, making it easier to swing the club faster and remain in complete control of the club head at all times. Custom shafts are also available.

Availability: April 1, 2009 at golf shops and specialty stores across the U.S.
Men's: Loft Options 8.5 (RH), 9.5 (RH/LH), 10.5 (RH/LH), 11.5 (RH/LH), HL (RH)
Women's : Loft Options 11.5 (RH/LH), HL (RH)
MSRP: $540.00