YES! Golf Introduces Tracy III Plus And Lizzy Plus Putters Featuring Interchangeable Hosel System

DENVER, February 16, 2009 – YES! Golf is the first company to introduce two putters with an interchangeable screw-in hosel system. Golfers will be able to custom fit their putter based on personal preference of the look and style of the hosel. The interchangeable hosel putters, Tracy III Plus and Lizzy Plus, are precision CNC milled and can accommodate one of four hosel options designed to improve the look and dynamic balance of the putter. Image

"By combining C-Groove technology and the interchangeable hosel technology you have the most advance putter in the industry," said Francis Ricci, president of YES! Golf. "The concept was developed in direct response to requests from our tour players. Putters are such a personal preference for golfers and by giving them hosel options, golfers can truly customize their putter and maximize their results by selecting the look and style of the putter that best suits them."

The two new interchangeable putters by YES! Golf are the Tracy III Plus and Lizzy Plus.

Tracy III Plus:

This blade putter is designed after the Tracy putter, one of YES! Golf's most popular putters. The Tracy III Plus head and accompanying hosels are made with CNC milled 303 forged stainless steel precision parts for incredible feel with a head weight of 350 grams that includes the hosel. The putter has a single sight alignment line in the cavity of the putter head. It also has a loft of 2.5 degrees (2 degrees flat or upright available) and lie of 72 degrees with length options of 32-37 inches. It is available March 15 in right hand only at a suggested retail of $360.

Lizzy Plus:
This mallet-style putter head and hosels are made of CNC milled 303 forged stainless steel with a head weight of 350 grams including the hosel. The back cavity has the look of a blade with an extended cavity to create a mallet design and feel. It features a single sight alignment in the back cavity. The putter has a loft of 2.5 degrees with length options of 32-37 inches. It is available March 15 in right hand only at a suggested retail of $360. Image

Hosel Options:
The plumber neck hosel is standard in the Tracy III Plus and the Lizzy Plus. Three other hosel options are sold separately – slant neck, z-bend and pronounced heel-toe hang. The suggested retail for each hosel option is $100.

Each hosel serves two functions:
The toe-hang for each hosel differs slightly to match up with almost any stroke pattern. You can create anywhere from a 5 degree toe-hang blade to a pronounced toe-hang blade just by unscrewing the shafted hosel and inserting a new hosel option.
The look of each hosel will fit the eye and stroke of almost any player from professional to amateur.

How To Change The Hosel:
Each hosel option comes with a shaft, hosel and grip. To change the hosel you loosen the current hosel on the bottom of the putter head with a torque wrench, which is provided, and fasten the new hosel in the putter head.

  • Toe-Hang Guideline and Hosel Option:
    Least amount of toe-hang – Z-Bend hosel
    Moderate degree of toe-hang – Slant Neck hosel
    High degree of toe-hang – Plumber Neck hosel
    Extreme degree of toe-hang – Pronounced Heel-Toe Hang hosel

YES! putters are currently used by more than 200 tour professionals worldwide and have won on all the major tours. The C-Grooves on the YES! putters are specifically engineered to enhance and maximize the over-rolling motion of the ball. The C-Groove putters roll the ball sooner and truer, resulting in more control, accuracy and consistency. There are currently 28 models of YES C-Groove putters available.