Nickent 5DX Ironwoods


Nickent Golf, a longtime industry leader in hybrid technology, introduces their latest breakthrough in hybrid shaping and performance with their new 5DX Ironwood.Nickent has been a trend setter in hybrids for over seven years, accumulating awards and professional tour wins from everywhere on the planet, including wins at the 2007 US Open and 2008 Ryder Cup. With their 5th generation design, the King of Hybrids™ has produced an all stainless steel hybrid with a new geometrical shape that places discretionary weight to the extreme perimeters of the clubhead.Image

New "wings" on the back of the clubhead were designed by Nickent master designer John Hoeflich to optimize the center of gravity (CG) and increase the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for superior forgiveness. The increased MOI, which surpasses that of most fairway woods on the market, plus stronger lofts means a significant increase in distance.


The wings on the back of the 5DX ironwood optimize the center of gravity and increase the moment of inertia for superior forgiveness.  The increased MOI will lead to straighter shots as well as an increase in distance. The wings however do not distract the player's sight lines.  The sight lines on the 5DX Ironwood were designed with the player in mind.  The wings are hidden at the address position.

Deep Face

The lightweight face is thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges to provide a more constant ball speed.  The 5DX Ironwood features Nickent's patented A-Frame technology, usually found in drivers, that increases the size of the sweet spot as well as creating a better center of gravity.

XW Inserts

The back of the 5DX Ironwood is important because of the extreme perimeter weighting.  The weighting includes two tungsten-polymer Nickent patented XW inserts, and a custom aluminum or tungsten weight plug, two grams each, on the sole.  The XW inserts combined with the wings create a super-high hybrid MOI of 3130.

Cambered Sole

New cambered sole glides through the turf with ease, and beveled leading edge makes it easier to hit from all types of lies.  The 5DX Ironwood can be used from all types of lies whether off the tee or when trying to land on the green on a Par 5.


The 5DX Ironwood features a Fujikura, Level 5ive Fujikura shaft features an exclusive graffiti design. Nickent's first proprietary shaft from Fujikura features a mid-kick shaft that optimizes launch angle.