Nike Golf Introduces New DYMO Fairway Woods – Less is More

  Innovative Design Promotes Greater Ease of Control and Distance 

BEAVERTON, Ore. (March 3, 2009) – Nike Golf has made an exciting addition to the SasQuatch (SQ) family with the introduction of the new SQ DYMO and DYMO" Fairway Woods. It has long been a standard in fairway wood design for the sole to act as a keel to promote a square face as it moves through the dirt. However, as the fairway woods have evolved into bigger heads with deeper Center of Gravity (CG) and higher Moment of Inertia (MOI), the tendency for the club to make impact with the ground and push shots off target, increases. With the design of Nike Golf's Quad Keel Sole in the new SQ DYMO and SQ DYMO" Fairway Woods, the potential for turf drag is eliminated and the benefits of having a larger club head is maximized. Both the SQ DYMO and SQ DYMO" models are available immediately. Image

Revolutionary Quad Keel Sole

Nike Golf's revolutionary Quad Keel Sole design angles four critical sole quadrants to minimize interaction between the ground and the sole of the club, resulting in maximum club head speed and superior distance, while providing an ease for getting the ball in the air. Material has also been removed from the back of the sole to reduce friction and drag while in contact with the turf-revolving around the idea that, in fact, "less is more." Golfers will experience straighter and longer shots with confidence from any lie on the golf course.

Power of Geometry

As with Nike's new DYMO drivers, the SQ DYMO fairway woods are available in two head shapes to meet each golfer's performance needs.

The DYMO fairway wood offers an eye-pleasing round head shape that delivers an ease for getting the ball off the ground, yet provides penetrating ball flight. This more traditional head shape delivers great distance, while providing players with more workability on each shot. The DYMO", with a center of gravity that is moved farther back and an enhanced, square-shaped head, provides stability at impact as well as forgiveness on off-center shots, allowing players to gain the benefits of "square" by hitting the DYMO" straighter and farther.

Maximum Performance, Top to Bottom

Players can experience power through speed and stability with the UST Wide Body shaft design featured in both the DYMO and DYMO" fairway woods. A larger overall shaft diameter maintains shaft stability at impact, while Axiv Core material in the tip section optimizes power. New SQ grips are designed for optimal grip on the top half, while providing fantastic feel on the bottom, equaling power and control head-to-toe, top-to-bottom on every shot.

Availability: Immediately at golf shops and specialty stores across the U.S.

Men's loft options: 13 (DYMO only) – X ,S,R,A (RH); 15 – X, S, R, A (RH/LH); 17 – X,S,R,A (RH); 19 – X,S,R,A (RH/LH); 21 – X,S,R,A (RH/LH): MSRP: $276.00

Women's loft options: 15 – W (RH/LH); 19 – W (RH/LH); 21 – W (RH/LH): MSRP: $276.00