Fitting Tool: Dyna-Fit Online

Wilson Staff Introduces State-of-the-Art Online
Web-based club fitting program offers 12-club solution (after driver, before putter) that equips players to "Own the Fairway"

CHICAGO, April 22, 2009 – Wilson Golf, makers of irons that have earned 61 Major victories, more than any other iron company in history, recently announced a dynamic online fitting tool – Dyna-Fit™ Online – that determines the optimum 12-club solution for an individual's playing style. This is the industry's only online fitting tool that can fit a player for 12 clubs, not including driver and putter, and offer an optimized, distance-gapped, full fairway solution.

Golfers are encouraged to visit and click on the Dyna-Fit Online logo, where they will engage in an easy-to-use, interactive question-and-answer session. Based on a user's unique responses, the Dyna-Fit Online program delivers a custom 12-club recommendation.

Dyna-Fit Online utilizes Wilson Staff's "Own the Fairway" strategy by recommending the Wilson Staff iron set best suited to each player's game. Based on a player's answers to playing style, shot characteristics and confidence with different clubs, the iron set is fine-tuned with long-game club options from the FYbrid fairway utility family and short-game club options including Tw9 wedges. The final results include the 12 clubs that are easiest to hit and offer the most consistent distance gapping between clubs for simple club selection on the fairway.

"Today's player is faced with a wide variety of club options, including many lengths and lofts that overlap – it's confusing," said Bob Thurman, Wilson Golf's global director of golf R&D. "Dyna-Fit Online offers a simple solution to this club selection process. Wilson Staff irons, fairway utilities and wedges are engineered with unique loft and length combinations that deliver consistent distance gapping between clubs. Each unique 12-club recommendation ensures that every club has a very clear role for smooth distance control and simple club selection."

Building on nearly a century of designing, engineering and developing state-of-the-art golf equipment for every skill set, Wilson Staff's premium line of professional golf equipment stems from a corporate commitment to technologically advanced R&D, and includes two Golf Digest "Hot List" award winners.

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