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Sweet Spot has launched a version of their popular V-11 Driver for the lady golfer. Sweet Spot Golf products have very unique appearance – V shaped on the top: You definitely be able to see what direction your hitting the ball! But do they do the job? By all accounts they do which is the most important thing. The club has been patented and is USGA approved.

 We want to be different, but not for difference’s sake,” Allman says President of  Sweet Spot Golf, “The clubs not only look cool, but they’ve got the feel, too. We don’t go out saying we can fix your game — the only thing that will do that is practice and lessons — but we can compete with anybody and we let you have your own style and personality.”

“Sweet Spot Golf Review
Posted March 24th, 2009 by Golfer Gal
When you think of ladies fashion and golf you probably think of  apparel, but how often do you think of golf clubs? I think of fashion  as what I wear while golfing. In fact I can even include some of the  accessories that go with my game such as my golf bag and ball markers.  But clubs? Never. That is until a company contacted us called Sweet  Spot Golf that we learned that style, fashion, and golf clubs could be  spoken in the same sentence. Sweet Spot Golf was tired of the plain  looking clubs that other companies were making and they decided to do  something about it. Their business plan was to make a quality piece of  equipment, add some color and style, and create something new.”


– Loft is 13 degrees
– Head size by volume is 455cc
– Tri-angular club shape promotes a center of gravity back (CGB) resulting in a high MOI and more stable club face upon impact
– Tear-drop head design (taken from bicycle racing helmets) promotes less drag aerodynamically causing faster club head speed
– Custom Pink Shafts by Matrix
– Perimeter Weighting System
– Highest grade titanium
 – Precision Positioning System design for target alignment
– Winn Grip
– USGA approved
– Design Patent

Contact: Brian Allman
President, Sweet Spot Golf

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For Immediate Release

Sweet Spot Golf partners with Womens National Golf School

Golf club manufacturer and nationally recognized women’s golf academy 
join forces to bring a new direction in golf – bringing FUN to the 
game as part of the solution.

Los Angeles, Calif. (February 23, 2009) – Custom golf club design and 
manufacturing start-up Sweet Spot Golf announced at this weekend’s 
EWGA’s Annual Conference a partnership with one of the largest and 
most well-respected teaching academies in the US, National Golf 
Schools.  Sweet Spot Golf’s high performance, custom crafted clubs are 
superior in quality and fashion forward clubs are a unique offering in 
the golf industry and women golfers are taking notice. National Golf 
Schools is launching their Womens National Golf School making the 
partnership with Sweet Spot a perfect match for the two companies to 
join forces and promote golf products and instruction to women, one of 
the sports fast growing segments.

“We feel strongly that women golfers have not been given the attention 
they deserve and our intention in partnering with an academy owned and 
operated by Northern Florida’s PGA Teacher of the year Pat 
Livingston’s, is to finally give this consumer more of what they want; 
the game of golf on their own terms and if that means doing things 
differently to make the game more fun, so be it” said Brian Allman 
President of Sweet Spot Golf.

Our line of women’s products not only performs as well as any other in 
the marketplace but they also bring a sense of style and design that 
allows the golfer to feel like the game has come to them and not the 
other way around.  When looking for a partner with a similar 
philosophy, Pat came to mind immediately.

The National Golf School Philosophy is to take each person and use 
what they have to their greatest advantage. “You will never hear a 
‘one method fits all’ mentality from our staff of Professionals,” said 
owner and award winning PGA instructor Pat Livingston.  “Learning is 
best done in a fun, respectful environment and that describes our 
school perfectly.  Combined now with Sweet Spot Golf’s products assist 
students in bringing out the best in their game. They feel more in 
control, not just physically, but also because their equipment better 
reflects their personal style. We are going to have a lot of fun 
working with Sweet Spot and because of that our students are going to 
benefit, they’ll have move fun too, which is what it’s all about!”

Mr. Livingston further commented, “Sweet Spot Golf has designed and 
engineered a unique, well crafted and evenly weighted putter. It’s 
built with quality and their unique Precision Positioning System 
allows us to better teach golfers to find their target line and sink 
putts with style.”  Sweet Spot’s new Black and Pink clubs are 
available in Putters, a 13-degree Driver as well as a Hybrid in three 
different loft degrees (19, 22 and 25).  The women’s line is expected 
to have a variety of colors available by the summer of 2009.

Additionally, Sweet Spot Golf’s Pink line is a proud sponsor of the 
National Breast Cancer Foundation.  “Women who have seen and tried the 
stylish Pink clubs have embraced them with enthusiasm because they 
know that playing with these products means more than just owning a 
quality golf club” says Sweet Spot Partner and club designer Chuck 
Parise, “They say ‘I support finding a cure for Breast Cancer.’ It is 
the Power of Pink!”

Sweet Spot Golf launched the sale of the Pink line of clubs on their and is currently looking for retail 
outlets to sell their products.  Additionally, they will now be 
available for purchase at the Womens National Golf School.

About Sweet Spot Golf LLC
Sweet Spot Golf is a golf club manufacturer located in Southern 
California. Their commitment to building performance based golf clubs 
while adding a unique sense of design and color will be their standard 
mark in the industry. Current plans include the release of their men’s 
line of clubs as well as a custom Sports Branded line of Putters.  
Additional Information at

About National Golf Schools/Womens National Golf Schools (WNGS)
National Golf Schools is the “#1 Resort Golf School in the World” with 
90 locations nationwide and international locations in Aruba, Puerto 
Rico, St. Andrews, Scotland and Ireland. In partnership with Womens 
National Golf Schools (WNGS) an effort has been made to offer women 
only golf schools at locations with women friendly amenities at the 
finest resorts in the world. Outstanding female PGA & LPGA teaching 
professionals will provide the highest quality instruction 
specifically for women. Sweet Spot Golf has set their sites on 
producing the finest womens golf clubs in the business. Sweet Spot is 
working with Womens National Golf School (WNGS) to bring these quality 
products along with the best women LPGA and PGA instructors to the 
perfect woman friendly resort golf school. Additional information 
available at these web-sites: