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I did not realise how busy I have been these last two weeks, until I sat down today to write the personal message for this week's newsletter. Firstly, at long last, my golf blog has gone live – www.golfmindguru.com/blog I have already uploaded lots of tips, and I will be posting daily, so keep your eye on it! Make sure you leave me comments on anything that strikes a chord, how your game is going and share any tips that work for you.

One of my favourite parts is my new diary about my own golf game, which I am updating on a regular basis. This week, I went to Rother Valley Golf Course to a great ladies golf network event set up by www.6degreesevents.co.uk for business women in Nottingham, Leicester and Sheffield. Check out their timetable of upcoming events, and I may see you there.

The event was sponsored by Grant Thornton, and it was great to see so many ladies networking for business and combining it with golf – watch out men! I had a really fun afternoon, connected with some lovely ladies, and learned some really great golf tips as well. I went out and played with one of the Golf Professionals, Keith, and a few of the ladies. We only played four holes but Keith was just brilliant. He was so patient and complimentary – two great qualities when coaching five lady golfers!Image

The funny thing was that Keith proceeded to point out the hazards as we stood on the first tee. When I play golf, I do not want to be focusing on the hazards…just where I want the ball to go. As soon as someone points out a hazard your mind attaches a visual to it, and this is where your focus lies. When I pointed this out, he said he always did this as he just didn't want any of us to go into the hazard. This is very understandable and the reasoning behind why most people look at where the hazards are before they play. So how timely is this week's FEATURED ARTICLE? I will be explaining in depth why doing this will not help your game at all.

I am waiting on a photo from the organisers from the network afternoon, and I will post it on my blog next week in the gallery. Meanwhile, I can't wait to catch up with you so start blogging me very soon.


I know some of you missed my last offer in March, so I decided to do a Spring Bank Holiday offer to make up for it. For this week only I have lowered the full set of CD's to £ 50 incl. p & p (a massive saving of nearly £ 20) and for a full download set just £ 39!

I have had many great comments about how much the series is helping so many of you already. If you really want to play confident golf this summer, then why not check out this great offer, whilst the CDs are at such a great price?

Go to – www.golfmindguru.com/cdseries to find out more!


If you would like me to come to your Golf Club and give you a talk on 'Confidence in Golf' then please go to: www.golfmindguru.com/talk You can read all about how easy I have made it for you to book me for one of my talks.

We provide posters and tickets and you only need to get a minimum of 25 ladies together for a great morning, afternoon or evening talk full of tips and tools to play confident golf. It is really great value for money and so easy to organise, and I have posted some of the many lovely comments I have received on this link.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!

For any men reading this, please do not feel left out! My talk is great for mixed golf groups, or Men's Golf Societies so feel free to get your Captain to email – events@golfmindguru.com and ask for a General Talks Pack.


See it … Do it!

You probably have often heard me say that you create your own reality.

How many times do you see a hazard as you are about to take a shot, and combined with your self-talk, you have already decided that is exactly where your ball is going to end up? Let's imagine that you are standing on the tee, and you need a carry-over of about 160 yards to clear the water hazard and get it onto the fairway.

Your self-talk may well be saying something along the lines of … 'be careful otherwise you are going to end up in the water' or 'I just know I am going to find that bunker at the front of the green'. Then when it actually happens you say …
The good news is that mental imagery does actually work. The problem here though is that the visual imagery you are creating needs to be taking you towards your goals and not towards the hazards.

There is also no point in saying to yourself, 'Don't hit the ball into the water' as the damage has already been done. Your mind is now focusing on the water. It is a known fact that your actions follow what you last visualised. The mind will only remember the visual part of the sentence.

For instance, if I say to you now, 'Don't think of a Yellow Canoe' what happens?


Your sub-conscious mind does not recognise the 'don't' part of what you are telling yourself. Imagery is not part of language symbols, but rather simply the chemistry of the visual system. The brain uses the same pathways for imagery as it does when seeing. So, by picking a target and seeing where you want the ball to land, will create the right information for you to visualise where you want the ball to go as you set up to take your shot.

The same happens when you say to yourself 'Whatever you do, don't end up in the water!' Your sub-conscious mind now has a visual image of the water and will be supporting your actions to help you send the ball there.

The ability to control mental imagery and move you towards your target will give you a significant advantage.

REMEMBER that practice also makes imperfect. If you are practising the wrong imagery response, such as seeing the ball end up in a hazard, then you are sending the WRONG messages to your sub-conscious mind.

Just as you need to practice your physical skills you also need to practice your mental skills as well.

Focus only on where you want the ball to go … that perfect spot on the fairway or Green and visualise the ball landing there.

TIP: Imagine going through the entire shot in your mind prior to actually taking your swing. Whilst you are picking your target where you want the ball to land, close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that ball flying through the air and landing exactly where you want it to. See the shot happening and feel the emotions of elation as though it has landed exactly where you want it to. Then step up to take your shot with this visual walk-through still strong in your mind.

REMEMBER: Your actions follow what you last visualised so make sure you are visualising towards your goal and not away from the hazard.

Till next time …

Don't forget – keep practicing!

Gail Smirthwaite

Go to – www.golfmindguru.com/cdseries to find out more!

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