Eidolon Golf’s Koehler Says Custom Fit Wedges Now More Important Than Ever

VICTORIA, Texas – EIDOLON Golf has built its reputation on custom-made wedges with its patented V-SOLE Technology. So with the U.S. Golf Association's new groove rule going into affect in 2010, EIDOLON Golf President/Founder Terry Koehler says it's even more important for players to have their wedges custom-fit, just as they do their driver and irons.

"The new ruling will reduce the effects of the grooves on spin, so golfers should pay particular attention to the other aspects of their wedges that affect overall scoring,'' says Koehler, who writes a popular blog as TheWedgeGuy.com. "It would seem logical that if you have to lose something from your short game because of the grooves, you could gain something back by having custom fit, custom built wedges. Golfers can make up for some of the loss by ensuring their wedges have the optimum shaft for their game, and that the lengt h and lie angle are fitted to them.

"At EIDOLON, we have relied on the premium Rifle Spinner steel shaft and our own SCoR graphite shaft for several years, while even the major brands only offer the heavy steel shaft that is too stiff and too heavy for the vast majority of golfers. And we will accommodate any modifications to length and lie angle at no charge."

One major golf company has claimed that the new groove rule will reduce spin by 30 percent to 50 percent, which Koehler disputes as a fear tactic.

"Maybe that's true on one particular kind of shot, but not a universal truth.'' Koehler says. "The big challenge for the manufacturers is how to mitigate the reality that new 2010 products will not feature the same grooves we have now.&n bsp; The USGA has never forced a manufacturer to actually roll back its playing characteristics from a user standpoint.''

The biggest difference players will see from the new rule?

"I think the biggest difference we'll see is the return of the 'f lyer' which has been greatly eliminated the past years with the high-tech milled grooves we can produce now,'' Koehler says.

The new rule, Koehler says, won't have an impact on whether or not wedges are forged or cast.

"All will have to have precision milled gro oves to meet USGA spec, I'm certain,'' Koehler says. "It might affect the ability for companies to make more "bargain priced" wedges that still conform, though.''

All new conforming wedges, Koehler says, will likely have to make some kind of graphic change so that they can be designated on the USGA's "conforming list.''

"In qualifiers and other non-Tour events, it is highly likely that there will be infractions, even if just due to ignorance,'' Koehler says. "Just like when the first square grooves came on the scene, if a player is playing non-conforming grooves, his playing competitors will notice the shot reactions, I'm sure.''

Though still a small company, EIDOLON has staked out a niche with its V-SOLE wedges. Under the direction of Koehler, a 30-year industry veteran, EIDOLON Golf continues to carve out a reputation for extraordinary wedges, custom-built to each individual order. Koehler is formerly Director of Marketing for Ben Hogan, founder of Reid Lockhart Golf and President of Reid Lockhart/Ray Cook.

EIDOLON Golf's innovative approach to wedges is built around the company's patented V-SOLE technology, which combines the advantages of low and high bounce into each wedge loft. Golfers no longer have to make a choice in the store that may not work with all shots on the course. EIDOLON's V-SOLE wedges also feature CNC-milled faces and grooves for extraordinary spin and premium Rifle Spinner and SCoR graphite shafts. The company even includes a copy of its popular book, "The SCoR Method" with each wedge order to help its customers refine their short games. The company backs its wedges with the boldest Satisfaction Guarantee in the industry. Learn more at www.EidolonGolf.com.