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Balance-Certified Golf to Debut Their Latest Adjustable MOI "Shaft StabilizerTM Technology at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show In Booth 1308
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (December 18, 2009) – Balance-Certified Golf will debut their latest adjustable MOI "Shaft StabilizerTM" technology at the 2010 PGA golf show. Attendees of the shows will have the opportunity to test and evaluate clubs equipped with this new technology first hand in Booth 1308. Balance-Certified Golf's (BCG's) head Tour Representative, John Cranston, will be on hand to answer questions and train fitters on the proper methods used to custom fit this new technology. 

This new Shaft StabilizerTM technology has been specifically optimized for professional fitters. In addition, BCG has developed versions of their award winning technology for retailers too. Jeff Lindner, BCG's President, noted that "For the first time, we will have pre-packaged systems tailored for specific clubs. We will be empowering retailers with extremely high quality products that are easy to install and produce real measurable improvements in shot consistency. These attributes drive sales." 

Shaft StabilizerTM Technology significantly improves swing consistency by optimizing the overall Moment Of Inertia (MOI) of the golf club. The improved MOI increases the controllability of the club equating to more ball strikes with the club head's sweet spot. 

Balance-Certified Golf's industry-leading back-weighting technology was originally developed by a former NASA engineering team in 1999. The Pro-Balance line introduces strategically-located weights that can be used to adjust a golf club's vibration and response characteristics and can be installed on any brand of golf equipment and any club in the bag. Balance-Certified's scientific approach to golf club dynamics helps transform "feel" into a definable and tunable parameter. Independent testing has demonstrated that the Balance-Certified Golf system delivers increased ball speed in drivers, greater iron play control and a tangible benefit in "feel" and distance control of putters. 

Balance-Certified Golf's Pro-Balance weighting systems can be installed by club fitters or by individual golfers with the self-fit kit. Balance-Certified Golf systems can be found at many retail golf shops across the U.S. and elsewhere. 

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