KZG Releases the GF-Hybrid for Competitive Players

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (March 16, 2010) – KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine™, introduces its newest hybrid iron, the GF-H, designed for the competitive player. The GF-H features a maraging face insert that offers maximum distance and performance. The GF-H is a hybrid iron with two screw portals with seven weight options for the ultimate in customization.

“While major brands focus on mass production and the average player, KZG focuses on specific players ranging from touring professionals to beginners,” stated Jennifer King, President of KZG. “KZG now offers three distinct models of utility irons: the GF-H for the low handicapper, the U-Iron for the mid-handicapper and the HSS-Plus for the high-handicapper. Our goal is to serve the entire golfing community regardless of their size, strength, skill or budget.”

The GF-H is engineered to allow the better player the greatest amount of workability and feel. The maraging face insert creates maximum rebound energy for greater distance. The mid size head, minimal offset and cosmetically thinned top line will seamlessly transition with KZG’s wide selection of forged irons. The scorelines are CNC milled and the 26° model offers the new USGA conforming “V” grooves mandated for tour play.

Maximum customization is the key to great performance. The GF-H is adjustable for lie and loft. KZG’s Gravitational Force Technology with two weight ports and seven weight options allows the professional fitter to perfectly fit the golfer by altering swing weight, spin rates and center of gravity. The GF technology can also alleviate fade or draw bias; tests have shown that the alteration of the screws can change the dispersion by as much as 20 yards.

The MSRP starts at $159 in steel and $169 in graphite. The GF-H is available in RH and LH: 18°, 22° and 26° lofts.

Founded in 1994, KZG offers equipment only through the finest retail facilities with authorized KZG professional clubfitters on staff. KZG’s policy of partnering with only the top professional clubfitters to fit its award-winning equipment has catapulted KZG to a position of prominence in customized golf equipment. KZG’s comprehensive selection of premium golf equipment includes a wide selection of drivers, woods, irons, wedges and putters to suit the individual needs of every golfer, regardless of skill, strength, size, preferences and budget.

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