Feel Golf Introduces The “Lee Miller Signature Series” of Wedges for 2010

Monterey, California – Feel Golf Company, Inc., (OTCBB FEEL) announced today that the Company is introducing a new line of “Lee Miller Signature” wedges for the upcoming 2010 season at the International PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.

The “Signature” line designed by Lee Miller, long known to Tour players and industry insiders as a very astute wedge designer, creating wedges long known for their feel and playability. When the new design and wedge innovation, incorporated his PGA playing insight, and his PhD in Engineering, the design staff stated, “These will be called the Lee Miller Signature line!”

Feel Golf, already known for producing some of the best feeling wedges in the golf industry for the past 20 years – designed by Lee Miller and other leading PGA Professionals – now blends the latest in advanced materials and technology into a brand new design of its wedges and irons.

“We had a major break through in our Research and Design – improving the feel and performance of our wedges after 20 years, and with the help of a very powerful computer program, we were able to merge the best of our existing muscle back design and the merits of our cavity back into one very new and very effective wedge design,” said Lee Miller, CEO of Feel Golf. “This advance came about as we were working on the new USGA and R&A 2010 groove rules and analyzing the cause and effect of these new rules. As fellow PGA professionals, we realized to comply with the 2010 groove rule; there would be a significant decrease in the short game ability for all players, but primarily to the recreational golfer. The new 2010 grooves are intended to decrease ball spin and the ability to maintain good ball control and distance – especially from the rough and bunkers.

Therefore, to minimize the loss of ball spin and control expected to occur with the new groove ruling, we’ve had to make some pretty significant and radical changes in this new design. We changed metal composition, varied our head weight, distribution of mass, lowered our center of gravity (sweet spot), changed production processes and for the finale, introduced CNC “Micro Milled” face lines over the entire face of our new wedges and irons. These conforming changes improve both short game and overall performance by bringing back the majority of “ball to face friction” therefore creating spin and ball control intended to be lost with the new groove ruling.

Ultimately, we believe smaller grooves hurt the typical recreational player far more than the Tour player. As PGA Professionals, we always strive to maximize performance and feel and that’s a key benefit to our principal customers – the recreational golfer – Tour player like performance and feel in our equipment to improve their overall performance and enjoyment of the game.

Some retailers and International distributors have begun placing their 2010 orders prior to the International PGA Show in Orlando, FL, in January 2010 – that’s how significant the impact the new groove ruling is having – as well as the excitement being generated for the improved performance changes in the design of our new wedges and irons.”

About the New Satin and QPQ Wedges from Feel Golf:

• Available in 46, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 64 & 73 degree lofts. (added 2 new lofts 54 & 58°)
• Each QPQ loft has its own color accent scheme, similar to our Designer line
• All wedges and irons have the new “Micro-Milled Face” lines
• Our new designs have better “Ball to Face” friction for improved spin control
• Satin series features new finish to the face
• QPQ Series features a new metal process
• Maximum MOI (Moment of Inertia) allowable under Rules of Golf