Dynamic Clubfitting Leader Henry-Griffitts Introduces New, Sleeker, More Efficient Fitting System


Hayden, ID – Henry-Griffitts (HG), the seminal force in dynamic clubfitting for 27 years and the originator of the clubfitting cart, announces the release of a new HG Fitting System. It is sleeker and designed to be more user friendly, putting all the necessary tools right at the fingertips of Henry-Griffitts Certified Teachers.

The 2010 Fitting System is a centerpiece of a re-invigoration of the club fitting pioneers. HG is rolling out new clubs, fresh branding and modern teaching technologies and tools. Constructed of high-strength aluminum, the 2010 Fitting System is designed for portability. At just 31.5 inches wide, 50 inches high and 18 inches deep, it will fit through most any door or in the rear of an SUV and can be easily attached to the back of a golf cart for longer travel distances. Individual drawers in the new System safely and securely hold all the clubheads for easy storage and transport.

“Our new Fitting System is an evolution of the original design, which revolutionized dynamic clubfitting,” says Randy Henry, founder of HG, which has blossomed since being acquired by Maumee, Ohio-based aboutGolf in late 2008. “The goal is not to ‘wow’ with bells and whistles, but to make the art of custom fitting easier, more convenient and better so more time is spent on the fitting rather than finding heads and shafts.”

A fold-out design allows the new HG Fitting System to convert from a compact, portable unit to a complete display center. Like a Transformer, as the System changes shape, it reveals a variety of tools and equipment to the Certified Teacher and the client, including a desktop for note taking or laptop integration. Thoughtful design has produced a System with unrivaled functionality that also displays the same quality and attention to detail that sets HG apart in the custom club industry.

As with its clubs, HG placed a focus on customization with the design of the 2010 Fitting System. Certified Teachers can tailor the systems to meet the needs of their students by utilizing the plentiful tool storage compartments. As well, the new, dynamic display comes standard with more than 3,000 options, but has the capacity to hold up to 4,500.

The new HG Fitting System is available now for Henry-Griffitts Certified Teachers nationwide.

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aboutGolf is a 20-year-old Maumee, Ohio-based company that has been dedicated to golf for its entire history. aboutGolf is the world leader in indoor golf simulator technology, producing PGA TOUR Simulators, 3Trak launch monitors and Henry-Griffitts Precision Fitting. Historically, aboutGolf also produced Microsoft Golf, Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf and World Tours, which is the world’s most-widely-distributed golf simulation. aboutGolf® is a registered trademark of aboutGolf Limited, Maumee, Ohio.

Henry-Griffitts is the pioneer of dynamic club fitting and originator of the lie board, interchangeable heads and dynamic fitting, as well as the club-fitting cart. Dedicated to the symbiotic relationship between swing and equipment, Henry-Griffitts custom fits clubs through its national network of HG-Certified Teachers and then hand assembles those clubs to the tightest industry specifications. Henry-Griffitts was founded in 1983 by Randy Henry and Jim Griffitts, a pair of golf professionals who recognized that custom-fit golf clubs consistently enhance golfer performance.