Bazooka HT Max Driver – The Best Performing Value In Golf!


Batavia, IL – You don’t have to buy last year’s technology to get premium performance at an affordable price. The new Bazooka HT Max driver delivers more bang for the buck than any driver on the market. With all the driver choices that can be found at your local golf shop, the Bazooka HT Max’s affordable price, lifetime warranty, 30-day play guarantee and heel-toe (HT) weighting for enhanced forgiveness and longer drives make the HT an easy choice for your next driver.

The technology behind the performance? The HT driver offers a high moment of inertia (MOI) courtesy of four internal weight cavities in the rear of the sole and a 1-to-1 length-to-width ratio. The weight cavities lower the center of gravity and move it deeper in the club head while the length-to-width ratio further enhances the driver’s stability to produce longer, more accurate drives.

The Bazooka HT’s 460cc titanium head boasts an expanded face size that is 15% larger than previous Bazooka models. This provides a larger effective hitting area and an ultra hot launch from more points on the face.

Forgiveness is maximized by eliminating the skirt, sloping the crown, and placing a fixed weight screw in the rear of the sole. These design features move the center of gravity low and back for reduced club head twisting for ultimate accuracy off the tee. “The Bazooka HT delivers amazing forgiveness, power, and value,” says David Glod president and founder of Tour Edge Golf. “The warranty, $149 price, high-tech design and features such as the UST Mamiya Series shaft deliver more for your money. “

The Bazooka HT is available for $149 in a variety of lofts in men’s and women’s and in right and left hand at golf shops nationwide. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit