TaylorMade Burner SuperFast TP (Drivers)

The Burner SuperFast TP features a fast, aerodynamic head shape, expansive clubface and slightly open clubface alignment. The inner side of the clubface incorporates TaylorMade’s renowned Inverted Cone Technology, which promotes faster ball speed on off-center hits.

The Burner SuperFast TP driver also incorporates TaylorMade’s proven Dual-Crown technology, which both lowers and pulls back the center of gravity to promote a higher launch angle and less spin. Introduced in the TaylorMade Tour Burner driver two years ago, and also used in the Burner 09, Dual Crown technology is tremendously valuable. The Burner SuperFast TP driver is finished entirely in black, including the sole and clubface, and features a tour-inspired crown graphic and the famous TP logo on the toe.

Also critical to the Burner SuperFast TP driver’s performance are its new Matrix shaft configurations, which promote a piercing, Tour-like ball flight and a stable feel. The Matrix HD6 (65 grams) shaft is in the S and X flexes, while the Matrix XCON 5 (54 grams) is the standard R-flex shaft. At 46.0″ in length, Burner SuperFast automatically promotes a wide swing arc to promote increased clubhead speed. Available in three right-handed lofts (8.5, 9.5, 10.5) and one left-handed (9.5). Availability begins on May 15, 2010 at a street price of US$349.