Mizuno Unveils The JPX-800 Series, The Most Technologically Advanced Game Improvement Irons In The Game

Norcross, GA (September 20, 2010) – Mizuno, the leader in golf technology and innovation, is set to launch a new global brand, “JPX”, to deliver the highest performing game improvement equipment in the world. Superceding the award winning MX line of equipment, the JPX brand will bring Mizuno’s very latest game improvement technologies to the United States. JPX will complement Mizuno’s legendary MP Series, which is world renowned amongst professionals and better amateurs. Heading the JPX launch are the JPX-800™ and JPX-800 Pro™ irons.

“JPX is a quantum leap game improvement irons – bringing absolutely everything Mizuno has to offer from a global technology platform” said Masao Nagai, Global Director of R&D, Mizuno Corporation. “The concept of JPX is to offer the ultimate in Game Improvement Performance, and we use every available technology to push the boundaries for distance and forgiveness.”

JPX-800 – Unbelievable Distance, Amazing Forgiveness
The JPX-800 is an iron specifically designed to be amazingly forgiving and explosively long. The unbelievable distance of the JPX-800 irons is achieved by combining MAX COR Technology, Hot Metal™ Face construction, and an exotic pocket cavity to hit the maximum allowable limits for energy transfer, far exceeding previous Mizuno irons, and the competition.

Hot Metal™ construction utilizes a new manufacturing process that increases the material’s natural strength to create an ultra-thin face for maximum distance, while the innovative pocket cavity with external power bar design expands and extends the sweet area and lowers the center of gravity for unsurpassed forgiveness. The JPX-800 delivers the ideal combination of being Mizuno’s most forgiving and longest iron of all time.

An aggressive triple cut sole ensures solid ball striking from all types of lies, and a multi-material cavity badge provides tuned impact sound with enhanced feel and sharp looks. The JPX-800 irons utilize the world’s most advanced game improvement technologies to help the serious mid to high-handicap player score like never before.

“Mizuno has always made very good game improvement irons, but we’ve mostly been recognized for our MP line of game enhancement products,” said David Llewellyn, Golf Club R&D Manager, Mizuno USA. “JPX is by far Mizuno’s strongest global commitment to the game improvement category, and we took dead aim at our competitors to beat them in every category of game improvement performance, especially distance and forgiveness. The JPX-800 is truly an incredible iron, and players are going to be blown away by the distance gains they’ll experience versus whatever iron they are currently playing.”

• 4-7 iron utilize MAX COR construction which delivers the highest allowable COR and low deep COG for amazing distance.
• 8-PW utilize deep pocket cavity design for maximum forgiveness and increased accuracy.
• GW & SW utilize a solid power bar design for greater control and pinpoint accuracy.
• A multi-level, multi-thickness exotic pocket cavity™ (4-7 iron) creates the largest MOI for the most forgiving iron in Mizuno’s award-winning line-up
• Massive external Power Bar design expands and extends the sweet area for maximum forgiveness across the face.
• Aggressive Triple Cut sole for consistent forgiveness from all types of lies and playing conditions.
• Durable double nickel chrome plated finish

JPX-800 irons are offered with True Temper® Dynalite Gold® XP shafts (R300,S300) standard in steel and Mizuno’s Exsar IS4 shafts (regular) standard in graphite. Also standard on the JPX-800 is the exclusive Mizuno/Golf Pride® M-21 58 Round grip. The retail price for a set (4-GW) of JPX-800 irons is $699.99 (steel) and $899.99 (graphite). The JPX-800™ iron set will be available in right and left-handed models and custom shaft and grip options as well as length and lie options are available through Mizuno’s Custom Club department.

JPX-800 Pro- Largest Sweet Area Ever In A Mizuno Grain Flow Forged Iron
Designed for forgiveness, distance, and feel, the new JPX-800 PRO™ features the highest COR ever developed in a legendary Mizuno one-piece Grain Flow Forged™ iron. A large cavity is created using a CNC cavity milling process which thins the face to raise ball speeds for maximum distance, and optimizes a low, deep center of gravity for increased forgiveness on less than perfect shots.

The JPX-800 PRO delivers a perfectly tuned sound at impact for the ultimate in feel. The kind of soft, solid, consistent feel that’s only attainable through Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process and exceptional use of Modal Analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology. The JPX-800 PRO is also extremely pleasing to the eye, with a traditional look at address, minimal progressive off-set, thinner top line, and a modest, workable head size. In addition, the sole of the JPX-800 PRO implements an aggressive Triple Cut design that ensures solid ball striking from all types of lies.

“For the player looking for distance and forgiveness, but also the unmatched soft, solid feel of a Grain Flow Forged iron, the JPX-800 Pro is a match made in heaven.” said David Llewellyn, Golf Club R&D Manager, Mizuno USA. “With the JPX-800 Pro the player is really getting the best of all worlds. Increased ball speeds are going to provide the extra yards all players are looking for, and the low and deep center of gravity will help greatly on less than perfect shots. And with all of that, they feel better than any other game improvement iron out there.”

• CNC cavity milling and “Under Cut Forging” technique creates a thin face that delivers amazing distance and a low deep center of gravity for forgiveness.
• Patented Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel provides the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel.
• Scientifically designed to optimize sound and feel at impact utilizing Modal Analysis and Harmonic Impact Technology.

JPX-800 Pro irons are available in right hand only, with True Temper® Dynalite Gold® XP shafts (R300,S300) standard in steel and the exclusive Mizuno/Golf Pride® M-21 58 Round grip. The retail price for a set (4-GW) of JPX-800 Pro irons is $799.99 (steel). Custom shaft and grip options, as well as length and lie options, are available through Mizuno’s Custom Club department. Both the JPX-800 and JPX-800 Pro are also immediately available as part of Mizuno’s Performance Fitting System. To find out more visit www.mizunomatch.com.