Nike Golf has Created the VR Pro Blades Featuring new X3X High-Frequency Grooves and a Precise Forging Process

Nike’s new VR Pro Blades offer shot-shaping performance for the top players in the world

BEAVERTON, Ore. (October 21, 2010) Nike Golf has enhanced the VR Blade irons in its line with the introduction of the new VR Pro Blades. With new X3X high frequency grooves and a more precise forging process, Nike Golf has created the most exact iron faces they have ever created. From materials, to design, to construction, the VR Pro Blade irons are developed with true craftsmanship to eliminate variance and enhance control.

Crafted for consistency that Nike Golf Tour Athletes demand, the VR Pro Blade is a forged iron that exemplifies precision. The VR Pro irons utilize a new precision-forging technique that immediately delivers the club to a near-finished level. This precision-forging technique eliminates most hand work and ensures consistency and maximum performance throughout the set. First, each iron face is milled to a perfectly flat surface. The face is then carefully die-stamped, pressing grooves to exact specifications for extremely low variance and shot-making consistency.

Each VR Pro Blade iron features the new x3x high frequency grooves which result in a cleaner, more consistent ball flight and spin. With more grooves closer together and deeper on the clubface, the VR Pro Blades ensure more control and consistency in all conditions off of the clubface while still conforming to the new USGA and R&A rules.

The VR Pro Blade features Tour-ready control in a flatback design which is the choice of top-level players seeking feel and shot-making workability. The grind and profile on the VR Pro Blades is the same as its predecessor, the VR Forged TW Blade irons. The center of gravity of the VR Pro Blades provides ultimate control and shot shaping demanded by Nike Golf’s Tour athletes.

This exciting new VR Pro Blade iron is the third blade set Nike Golf has ever created, combining Nike Golf’s precision, craftsmanship and advanced technology to create an iron that eliminates variance and enhances control.

Availability: November 26, 2010

Men’s: #3-PW Dynamic Gold X,S,R; RH/LH; MSRP: $1079.99 steel
Individual: #2 Dynamic Gold X,S,R; RH/LH; MSRP: $135.00