EIDOLON Golf Introduces “Vari-Loft™ Concept” Wedges

Company describes this as an evolution of their acclaimed V-SOLE Wedge technology.

VICTORIA, TEXAS – EIDOLON Golf has introduced the next generation of industry-leading custom wedge technology with their Vari-Loft™ Concept, an important evolution of the acclaimed EIDOLON V-SOLE wedges.

The new Vari-Loft Concept expands the EIDOLON offering from four models to five, allowing customization of golf wedges to any loft from 47 to 61 degrees without ever altering a model more than one degree weak or strong. In this significant departure from the way wedges have been sold for over 50 years, EIDOLON’s Vari-Loft Concept “base” models are 48, 51, 54, 57 and 60 degrees.

“In building custom wedges every day, we find that very few golfers need the ‘standard’ selection of even-numbered lofts offered by the industry”, Koehler shared. “Only a handful of tour professionals are carrying a 56 degree sand wedge any more, and the strengthening of lofts in most modern irons has antiquated the notion that a ‘gap wedge’ should always be 52 degrees. When it comes to a golfer’s scoring tools, we believe they need to be exact, not just ‘close enough’.

Each head model in the Vari-Loft Concept arrangement has been engineered specifically to allow the loft to be altered one degree weak or strong without compromising the playability, a process Koehler claims could not work without EIDOLON’s patented V-SOLE® design.

“Clubfitters have altered wedge lofts for years,” Koehler explained. “But that also changes the bounce on the sole of that wedge. Only with the V-SOLE’s two different bounce angles – one high, one low – can such loft alterations be made without compromising performance. This sole technology has always made each of our wedges play like it was two or three wedges in one, and we’ve just enhanced that versatility.”

The new Vari-Loft Concept wedges from EIDOLON allow the company to fit a golfer with any conceivable combination of wedges from 47 to 61 degrees, in order to fit each player with their own custom-fit “prescription” of scoring clubs. Koehler, whose passion for the short game and wedge precision is immediately apparent, is a firm believer that the right scoring tools will make a huge difference in any golfers’ results. And it all starts with the golfer’s “P-club” as he calls it.

“Iron lofts have been made continuously stronger over the past 2-3 decades, so very few golfers have a true ‘pitching wedge’ anymore,” laments Koehler. “That was originally conceived as a 49-51 degree club to be your ‘go to’ scoring tool around the greens. Some of the new sets have what I’ve begun calling a ‘P-club’ as low as 43 degrees -that was an 8-iron 20 years ago, by the way – and the modern ‘standard’ appears to be in the 45-46 degree range. That’s just not enough loft to execute good pitch shots.”

With the new Vari-Loft Concept wedges, EIDOLON recommends a golfer start by knowing the true loft of what Koehler calls their “P-club” – which can be found on most company websites. From there, Koehler suggests a golfer should play a set of wedges based on consistent loft increments. A set-match “P-club” of 45 degrees, for example, would suggest wedges at 49/53/57 or 50/55/60. A “P-club” of 47 degrees would suggest wedges of 51/55/59 for optimum scoring.

EIDOLON Golf’s V-SOLE Wedges with the Vari-Loft Concept still feature precision CNC-milled faces and grooves, which are available in both Hi-Spin and Competition grooves, at least through December 31, when the USGA Rules change regarding groove geometry. The company also offers three shaft options – their own standard weight stepless steel and SCoR graphite in 100 and 75 gram weights – each available in at least two flexes to fit any golfer’s game. EIDOLON accommodates alterations to standard length, lie angle, swingweight and grip size, always at no charge. The company’s wedges are also backed by an industry-best “No Risk Guarantee”, which allows a golfer up to 90 days to try their new wedges. If you don’t like them, EIDOLON will buy you any other wedge on the market you think you might like better.

EIDOLON Golf was founded in 2004 by Terry Koehler and Ralph Thompson, who also co-founded Reid Lockhart Golf when Koehler left The Ben Hogan Company in 1996. Koehler’s golf industry career dates back to 1980, and he has been awarded five golf club patents. EIDOLON Golf aims to change the way golfers think about their wedges, and Koehler is devoted to putting better scoring tools in their bags. Learn more about EIDOLON Golf and its outspoken President at www.BestWedge.com or by calling 877-726-7670